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Copa America 2024

/ 7 days ago

Everything you need to know about Copa America 2024

The 2024 Copa America brings several changes to a tournament over one century old, and World Soccer Talk has you covered with all the necessary information. For the second time, the Copa America is happening outside South America. The United States, which hosted the competition in 2016, returns with hosting duties for the second time. […]

Copa America 2024

/ 15 days ago

Copa America winners: From 1975 to present

Copa America 2024 kicks off on June 20th, and the anticipation is building. Looking back through previous competitions, the list of Copa America winners is somewhat bigger than what one may expect. Given the small nature of CONMEBOL and so few teams competing in the tournament, there are only so many options. However, the top […]

Copa America 2024

/ 21 days ago

Who has the TV rights for the Copa America?

To some, Copa America TV rights have been a mystery in the United States. In 2021, FOX finally made the rights easy to come by when it broadcasted all of the Copa America. Lionel Messi and Argentina won that tournament as droves of fans tuned in as history happened. Fortunately, fans do not need to […]

Copa America 2024

/ 28 days ago

What is the pink card in Copa America?

The 2024 Copa America brought about a new addition: a pink card. Everyone knows about the yellow card and red card. The yellow is for a caution, indicating to players that if they keep making cynical challenges, they will not be allowed to play. That leads to red cards, which are indications of ejections from […]

Copa America 2024

/ 45 days ago

Brazil reveals 23-man squad for Copa America 2024

Brazil national team manager Dorival Junior has officially unveiled his full squad for the upcoming 2024 Copa America. The tournament is set to start on June 20th here in the United States. Although typically reserved for South American nations, the United States men's national team will take part in the competition as tournament hosts. Seleção […]


/ 47 days ago

Copa America or the Euros: Which is better?

This summer brings two of the best international soccer competitions, the Euros and the Copa America. One encompasses Europe and the member nations of UEFA. The other tends to focus on just South America and the representatives from CONMEBOL with select other guests joining. The 2024 Copa America does not follow that trend, as a […]


/ 48 days ago

Are Copa America tickets sold out?

The approaching Copa America has fans questioning if all tickets are already sold out. With the tournament being held in the United States for the second time, droves of fans are looking to attend games. Additionally, there are more games to attend in the 2024 tournament than ever before. With 16 teams rounding out the […]


/ 51 days ago

Major rule change for 2024 Euro, Copa America to follow next

The initial limit for the 2024 European Championships was 23 players; however, UEFA have verified that it has been increased to 26 players. Unlike the last competition in 2021, when teams may have up to 26 players. Unfortunately, three of them were unable to participate and had to settle for spectator status. Even though they […]

Copa America 2024

/ 85 days ago

Copa America 2024: Streaming and TV details and schedule

This summer, the Copa America returns with fans across the globe tuning in on TV and streaming. The traditional South American tournament is expanding to new lengths this summer with 16 teams. The competition usually has just 12 teams. However, the new expansion is affording more games on TV. For those in the United States, […]

Brasileiro League

/ 133 days ago

Brazil grapples with two rival groups wanting to form new league

Brazil is in a state of turmoil as two groups are competing to lead soccer in the South American nation to new heights. Across the top three divisions in Brazilian soccer, 60 teams are competing in the Brazilian pyramid. The Libra Project has agreements with 19 of those clubs to pool their media rights into […]


/ 140 days ago

Copa America tickets on sale now for Los Angeles games

Tickets to games in Los Angeles for the Copa America are now on sale. While CONMEBOL won't make tickets available to the general public until as late as March, fans can get tickets to LA games now. SoFi Stadium, the home of the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers, will have two games during the Copa […]


/ 147 days ago

US effect: Ex-FIFA executive seeks justice after years in prison

About ten years ago, a global corruption scandal rocked the soccer world, resulting in indictments and convictions of numerous officials. The scandal involved bribery and fraud schemes. New legal evidence, however, calls into question the constitutionality of these convictions. It also questions the extent to which American justice may pursue foreign persons implicated in global […]


/ 168 days ago

The wait is over: Brazil to announce new national team coach

Brazil is ready to settle on a national team head coach after months of sitting in limbo without a permanent manager. Until now, Fernando Diniz oversaw the Seleção after the federation sacked the previous caretaker manager, Ramon Menezes. Before Menezes, Tite was the manager of the Brazil national team for over six years. He departed after […]


/ 174 days ago

Has USA ever won Copa America?

Copa América mostly features teams from South America, as it is the regional championship for that continent. But they occasionally invite guest teams, and the United States of America has played in the competition before. How has the USA done in Copa America, and have they ever won? The USA at Copa America: A History […]


/ 181 days ago

What country has the most Copa America titles?

The Copa America tournament is one of the most prestigious international soccer titles on Earth. After the World Cup, it's probably even with the European Championship in terms of importance. With some of the best teams and players competing for glory, it's also one of the hardest to win. But who has the most Copa […]