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Bradley-Nagbe partnership could reap rewards in Copa America

For all of the discussion about the age and makeup of Jurgen Klinsmann’s Copa America squad, and the tactical changes he made in the second half against Ecuador indicate what the future may be like for this team. After the 1-0 win against Ecuador, this also may indicate that the future is closer to the present than previously thought, and that is a welcome sign. In the first half, Klinsmann went to a more negative and reactive lineup with a midfield of Kyle Beckerman, Michael Bradley and Jermaine Jones. Predictably, the US had trouble maintaining possession and doing much going ... Read more

2016’s 10 most intriguing names in US soccer

There are notable figures you may hear more about in 2016, but will they provide us with sufficient stacks of intrigue? In other words, are they supplying plot? Are there impending twists in their tale? We’ve picked out our 10 most intriguing men and women in US Soccer this year. (We left Jurgen Klinsmann off the list because the national team manager is intriguing by default; nothing new about 2016. Besides, he’s more “controversial” than “intriguing.” If we scratch out a “10 Most Controversial” list for the year, yeah, that man will be Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4.) They ... Read more

Michael Bradley is US captain – but Bradley has long been the captain; By Steve Davis

FRISCO, Texas – We probably make too big of a deal about captains in soccer. Maybe back in the day, on the muddy pitches of old Maine Road or wherever, when only the captain was technically permitted to address the referee, the position carried more than honorary weight. Maybe it had some functional benefit then. Now it’s mostly just a ceremonial title. It does still mean a little something inside the locker room, mostly as a show of respect from teammates and a hat tip of recognition from management. So even if we stretch the significance of the armband, it ... Read more

Watch MLS’s Parody of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Movie [VIDEO]

As a tribute to the beloved 80’s comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, MLS and KickTV have released their own version staring the reigning MLS MVP and Chicago Fire’s Mike Magee in “One Player’s Struggle to Take it Easy” featuring an all-star group of America’s best MLS players including Omar Gonzalez, Thierry Henry, Hope Solo, Sydney Leroux and Michael Bradley. A play off the classic movie staring Matthew Broderick, watch as Magee, Gonzalez and Leroux skip practice and take over Chicago starting with faking sick to get out of the Fire’s practices. After trying to get into a very upscale restaurant with ... Read more

How A Change In Tactics Can Help Michael Bradley Perform At His Best

This World Cup was supposed to be Michael Bradley’s coming out party. It was supposed to be his chance to show the soccer world how just good he is, to show teams like Roma why they should have kept him, and to show teams like Arsenal why should have placed bids for him. Some MLS fans feared a good World Cup would lure him back overseas. Instead, he has vastly underperformed and shown the world what they already thought of him: that he is a good American player, capable of doing what American always players do well – run hard ... Read more

Ghana 1-2 USA: US Player Ratings

Following the USMNT’s 2-1 victory over Ghana we look at the playmakers and rank their performances on the evening. Tim Howard, 9: The US goalkeeper was at the top of his game all night long, and while he was forced into just two big saves, Howard’s presence was immense. No one on the entire squad inspires more confidence. Fabian Johnson, 7: Interestingly, Johnson wasn’t targeted as much as DeMarcus Beasley by Ghana, and he was solid most of the night – but he was caught out on Ayew’s equalizing goal. In the end though, Johnson redeemed himself by winning the ... Read more

VIDEO: Michael Bradley Says USA “Excited” By Heat and Travel

The United States might have a natural advantage in the heat and humidity of Brazil. The United States domestic top flight, Major League Soccer plays through the hottest months of year with temperatures sometimes reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit during matches. Additionally players from the United States are far more accustomed to long travel between matches. For a quick comparison, the longest trip in England’s top flight from Newcastle or Southampton would represent among the shortest trips in the United States. Bradley signed for Toronto FC this past January and his club has already made multiple long road trips to the ... Read more

USMNT’s Michael Bradley Stars in ESPN’s Latest ‘Inside SportsCenter’ [VIDEO]

ESPN is preparing for the 2014 World Cup by releasing broadcast schedules, pre-match coverage and allowing a child to accompany the U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder, Michael Bradley, around ESPN during a regular day in the offices. The 30-second video featuring the tradition of soccer players walking out to the pitch hand in hand with a child, ESPN shows Michael Bradley making photocopies, checking his mail and using the restroom while his young companion holds his coffee. SportsCenter host Bram Weinsten explains ESPN’s decision to, “Do something special for the kids.” The video titled “Kids” is part of the ‘Inside ... Read more