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US Open Cup

/ 183 days ago

US Open Cup 1st Round begins new era for competition

US Open Cup returned with the 1st round and teams across the United States. Some of them feature amateurs and semi-professionals dreaming of a fairytale run in the oldest ongoing national soccer competition. These games as well as a handful in the next couple rounds, are available via Bleacher Report. Here's what happened in the […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 211 days ago

5 hottest MLS players who could go to Europe next

A new Major League Soccer season coming brings the return of top American talents in action. Many of these are young players ready to make a name for themsevles. In the process, they can attract the eyes of scouts from abroad, particularly in Europe. That jump from MLS players going to Europe is happening with […]

Apple TV

/ 215 days ago

MLS Season Pass: First impressions of games on Apple TV

One of the most unique aspects of Apple's MLS Season Pass is the plethora of value-added content that's available to promote the league. As such, we decided to write about our first impressions of pre-season content on the streaming subscription app — all of which is currently available for free in front of the paywall. Plus, […]

Copa America

/ 264 days ago

US is world's top destination for international soccer tournaments

For more than two decades, we have seen many European clubs and foreign national teams visit the United States to play in international soccer competitions. In 14 out of its 16 iterations, CONCACAF has staged its Gold Cup tournament in the United States. Even then, we mustn't forget the United States hosted the 1994 World […]

Apple TV

/ 266 days ago

Recommended MLS announcers for Apple TV

The 2023 Major League Soccer season is quickly coming upon us, but the crews of American commentators for MLS on Apple are still undecided. So, I've taken a stab at who are my recommended MLS announcers for Apple TV. As covered, the Apple TV deal starts right away when the new season begins on Feb. […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 460 days ago

MLS games won't be same without local broadcasters

Most fans are excited about Major League Soccer and Apple announcing their new streaming rights deal. After all, more sports are moving to streaming. However, that does not please everyone. The switch to Apple is the death knell to MLS on regional sports networks. In my opinion, MLS broadcasts won't be same without local broadcasters. […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 3041 days ago

US Open Cup has improved but TV and radio coverage is lacking

With the level of competition in MLS, NASL and USL improving, this year’s US Open Cup promises to be one of the most competitive in recent memory. Combined with the fact that the level of tension between the three aforementioned leagues is at an all-time high, this makes the 2015 US Open Cup the most […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 3828 days ago

Henry's Winner Earns Petke's Red Bulls First Win

"Desperation." "Must have it." "Need to keep our confidence high." "Must win game." These are the adjectives that were thrown at the New York Red Bulls as they started with two draws and two losses this season. But there was no loss of confidence with this side as they felt the bounces didn’t go their […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 3848 days ago

Another Mental Lapse Costs Red Bulls Against San Jose

It couldn’t have happened again, could it? The Red Bulls with a solid first half and leading this time by a goal at Buck Shaw Stadium with a performance that was just adequate to get the full three points and give Mike Petke his first professional victory as a head coach. But something creeps in […]