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/ 166 days ago

International press celebrate Argentina World Cup win

Why was the Argentina vs France World Cup Final so special? Let us count the ways. It was the first final with multiple comebacks since 1966 and all that. It was the first Final ever where each team scored at least three goals. And of course, it was Leo Messi's first win. Let's see how […]


/ 170 days ago

France-Morocco: Reaction from global media to France's win

We almost had a World Cup Final matchup that would have guaranteed a first-time winner. Instead we have two-time champion Argentina against two-time champion France in yet another Western European-Eastern South American showdown. France is now in back-to-back finals – the first nation to do so since Brazil in 1998 and 2002. And France is […]


/ 171 days ago

Argentina celebrate World Cup Final appearance: Paper reaction

The most dominant run by a small country since Uruguay's two World Cup titles in the first half of the 20th Century came to an end at the Lusail Stadium on Tuesday as Croatia fell to Argentina. Here's the reaction from those two nations as well as the rest of the world. Argentine coverage The […]


/ 174 days ago

Euro press reaction to England-France, Morocco-Portugal games

Moroccan mastery, English penalty pain, Ronaldo's ruin, and French flair all featured in the final quarterfinals of a 2022 World Cup that continues to deliver gargantuan games. Here's a look at how newspapers at home and abroad reacted to the action. The English Exit First, we look back at The Sun's bizarre cover from before […]

World Cup 2022

/ 175 days ago

World newspapers react to Brazil-Croatia & Argentina-Holland

Club soccer may have surpassed international soccer in the hearts and minds of many fans, but no result in a domestic game can match the effect that a national team result can have on millions of people. From the depths of despair to the heights of happiness, here now is the reaction to Friday's dramatic […]


/ 180 days ago

God save notre king: Today's front covers from England and France

With the United States out of the World Cup, our attention turns overseas to the reaction from newspapers to Sunday's World Cup games. In particular, we take a close look at the papers after the England-Senegal and France-Poland matches. Reaction from British tabloids to England's victory Coverage in Senegal Senegal's WIW Sport offers the headline […]


/ 185 days ago

World’s media react to USA's World Cup win against Iran

With the US Men's National Team booking its place in the Round of 16 after defeating Iran, how did the world's media react to USA's World Cup win against Iran? Let's take a closer look. The USMNT is now receiving mainstream media attention, deservedly so. Front page coverage that was previously limited to small, below-the-fold […]


/ 189 days ago

Newspaper headlines after US-England draw: "Stars and Gripes"

The England versus United States World Cup match may not have delivered goals but it delivered plenty of drama as the USMNT remains unbeaten against its political ally that it has a "special relationship" with. Let's take a look at how the match was covered in the newspapers on both sides of the pond. US […]


/ 193 days ago

USA "loses" 1-1 against Wales: Newspaper headlines roundup

Monday's games in the World Cup brought as much drama as it did goals. Here's how newspapers from around the world reported on the USMNT-Wales result. Plus we take a look at the best England-Iran covers and headlines from the always entertaining British tabloids. American coverage of USA-Wales result At the always sensational New York […]

TV Ratings

/ 196 days ago

FOX’s World Cup viewership faces NFL in battle for TV ratings

Jon Hamm appears in ads for car insurance, tax prep, and luxury cars. Can he sell us on watching a World Cup sandwiched between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Advertising is a key catalyst for the normalization of new behavior. It’s why Meta spent around $13 million on a Super Bowl ad. Similarly, it is why Hamm, […]

Korean League

/ 1123 days ago

Korea League beginner's guide

Read our Korea League beginner's guide to learn more about the Korean top-flight soccer league. Recent reports that ESPN might offer live Korean soccer to American viewers when the 2020 K League season kicks off on May 8th were quashed after the article by SportsPro Media quickly removed the mention of ESPN's name. Regardless, a […]


/ 2497 days ago

History of World Cup, Euros and Copa America on US TV

  As Christopher Harris reported here at World Soccer Talk, the final ratings for Euro 2016 were, much like the quality of play, decent but not spectacular. Copa América Centenario, thanks to Univision’s reach and the USMNT’s run, captured a slightly bigger audience. But by putting the numbers for the two tournaments into context, we […]

FOX Sports

/ 3006 days ago

Play the Warren Barton drinking game

For those times when you're bored and you end up watching the pre-game, half-time or post-match soccer analysis on FOX Sports, we have a solution to make their analysis more enjoyable — a drinking game. For readers 21 and older, print out the Warren Barton bingo card below. And every time Warren Barton mentions one of […]

Leagues: EPL

/ 4218 days ago

It's Always St. James' Park To Me

As discussed here at EPL Talk last week, Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley has decided to rechristen St. James' Park, the club's venerable home since 1892, as Sports Direct Arena. Predictably, the move has gone over as well as an episode of "Geordie Shore." Newcastle supporters are among the most loyal in football, supporting the club through thick and through relegation and dodgy […]