RB Leipzig striker Benjamin Sesko joined the club in the summer of 2023 from sister club RB Salzburg. Thus far, he’s scored 10 goals in 27 appearances for Leipzig as the team continues its run toward UEFA Champions League qualification.

Before joining RB Leipzig, the Slovenian international was on the radar of a lot of clubs, particularly because of his goalscoring form in the Austrian Bundesliga. In 55 appearances for Salzburg, he netted 21 times.

Asked how he relaxes after games, Sesko told World Soccer Talk, “After games, I try to play basketball. Just throwing [the ball] in the basket is what I really like. If it’s good weather, most of the time I go to the hoop a little bit, and the mind goes away.”

Sesko on Zlatan and NBA

Sesko also likes to watch the NBA for one particular reason.

“I actually watched [NBA] more than before especially the playoffs, and I watch Dallas Mavericks because Luka Dončić is Slovenian. Before, I loved to play but I didn’t really follow the game.”

Sesko told World Soccer Talk who his role model is outside of basketball.

“Most of the time, I was [watching] YouTube videos of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which were really good to watch. To be honest, [I liked] the way he was having fun with other players. I love his confidence. 

“I watched all of the [Zlatan] videos that were [available]. And then when there was no more, I just continued to watch the same thing again, and I tried to do those skills on the pitch.”

His favorite Zlatan goal was the bicycle kick the Swedish international scored against England.

Signed for $25 million from RB Salzburg, Sesko’s confidence and goalscoring have come together at just the right time for him and his club.

Sesko is looking forward to RB Leipzig’s US tour where the German club faces Aston Villa at Red Bull Arena in late July.

“I think it’s a good opportunity,” said Sesko. “It’s a good experience and, yes, I look forward to it.”

Photo: Imago