Questions for Recre Supporters Trust on saving Spain’s oldest football club

Spanish club Recreativo de Huelva is in a race against time to avoid extinction. Recre requires 2 million euros by June 30 in order to survive.

Here’s our interview with a member of the Recreativo de Huelva’s Supporters Trust:

Can you let me know me your role/title in the efforts to save Recreativo de Huelva?
Narciso Rojas – I am, Narciso Rojas, member of the Recreativo Supporters Trust. I am member of the Trust´s board.

For fans who may not be too aware of Recre’s history can you give us a brief account?
NR – It was founded in 1889 by [the] British who lived here due to the mining business of Rio Tinto and Tharsis Companies. [It] is Spain´s oldest football club, and kept as amateur club until the founder, William Alexander Mackay, ended his presidency in 1920 or so. We have played in the top tier of La Liga several seasons, and players as Santi Cazorla, Valencia (now in Man United) and Almunia… played in our club.

How did the situation become so perilous? Was it the result of bad choices by the ownership? How close is Recreativo from folding?
NR – The bad administration of the club, and maybe, some economic crimes by the owners made the club has a €20 million debt, and needs €2 million to inscribe the first team in the third tier competition, where we were relegated.

What is the relationship between fan groups and the owners? Any movement towards finding new owners? How have the players coped with the uncertainty?
NR – The relationship could be called, WAR. The only movement comes from the Recreativo Supporters Trust to make the people own the club. The rest, if it exists is secret, or nothing. Players have been playing the whole season without their salary.

What initiatives have been set-up to help the club survive? Are you positive about the future of Recre?
NR – We started a “salvation” campaign, [now] we have a crowdfunding [set-up] (in english too), and made lots of things in the city and the county of Huelva to get the money we need from the fans, the local companies, parties, etc etc…

Why is it so important to save Recre and what can fans from around the world do to help?
NR – Recre [represents] a whole country’s heritage. Football started in Spain with Recre, and the best way to save it is by make the club become a fan owned one. If you want to help just join the campaign by [donating] to the crowdfunding site, and spread it through social network. The web is

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