Football Leaks has the potential to revolutionize soccer

But their mission at the core is to bring transparency to a game at a fundamental level. How do transfers really work? What is really going on behind the scenes? When clubs publish financial statements, there is often work done behind the scenes to creatively change the numbers, and most clubs, federations and agents have no reason to publish any information, nor are they compelled by any means. In an era when secrecy and shady dealings are getting massive spotlights shone on them, a site in the mold of Football Leaks seemed inevitable. Someone very brave had reason to leak these documents to them, and everyone should read them (even if it means going through a few nasty popups to view them).

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Everyone wants transfers to be more transparent and open, but up until now, there has been no reason to bring that to the forefront. Now the pressure on clubs and agents is increasing. The demand for information is skyrocketing, and they can take the opportunity to make sites like Football Leaks worthless if they published some of the information themselves. Why are clubs being punished by FFP if the average supporter has no idea what the books look like? How are they supposed to follow transfers and see exactly where the money is going? Football as an industry is only getting bigger, and the money flying around in just transfers alone is obscene. Supporters have a right to know where some of their money is going.

But until there are wider changes inside the boardrooms at FIFA, clubs and in agencies, sites like Football Leaks are needed to underline just what the public doesn’t know, and how criminal it is that we don’t know 75% of what goes on behind the scenes. Not everything needs to be public, but more than contract length and undisclosed fee should be known, and especially what entities get what chunk of these massive fees paid.

The site’s secondary heading reads, “Football and TPO whistleblowing.” Short and simple, and as it turns out, revolutionary.


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