Arsenal Fans Take Over New York City For A Memorable Weekend

The day after the match, Arsenal America held one final event for American Gooners – a 5 v. 5 tournament at Chelsea Piers.  This was the event Rick was most looking forward to besides the match itself.  When the winner was crowned, the weekend was over and it was time for everyone to head their separate ways back home.  For the Gooners who were there in New York for the weekend, it was an unforgettable opportunity to see the Gunners live and connect with fellow fans from all over the country.  As Mike pointed out, “the thing about having just the one match in New York [as opposed to games in different cities] was that it forced everyone to meet up in one place.”  It was like one big Arsenal family coming together for a giant party.  A big thank you to Arsenal America and the other local Arsenal supporters groups for all their hard work in making the past weekend happen!

If you were in New York for the weekend, what was your experience like?

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