Basel-Schalke Champions League Match Interrupted By Greenpeace Protesters [PHOTOS]

Greenpeace activists disrupted the UEFA Champions League match between FC Basel and Schalke today to protest against Schalke’s main sponsor Gazprom.

The match was temporarily stopped while the activists were removed from the stadium, but was restarted after order was restored.

The protest is focused on trying to stop Russian energy company Gazprom from polluting the Arctic, as well as the campaign by Greenpeace to free the 30 protesters who were put behind bars for a peaceful protest against dangerous oil drilling.

According to Greenpeace, “The Arctic is in danger: Gazprom wants to drill for oil in the icy waters. An oil spill is only a matter of time.”


One thought on “Basel-Schalke Champions League Match Interrupted By Greenpeace Protesters [PHOTOS]”

  1. Something doesn’t feel right about this. This is way too organized and seems very difficult for this to have been done without help from someone on the inside.

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