Liverpool vs Southampton Match Highlights [VIDEO]

Liverpool suffered their first loss of the season today against Southampton in a match where the Saints put in a strong performance that really tested the Anfield club.

Liverpool were unable to find a goal in a match where both teams had their chances to score, but the winner came down to Croatian footballer Dejan Lovren who won the match with a header.

Here are tonight’s match highlights:

3 thoughts on “Liverpool vs Southampton Match Highlights [VIDEO]”

  1. Normal service has been restored. Liverpool are back to being their mid-table selves. Every Brendan opens his mouth about how Liverpool are going to contend they get beat.

    I can see Sunderland draw or beat Liverpool next weekend. Remember how Villa beat Liverpool last season when they were bottom and in real trouble? Sunderland might just get their first win next week.

  2. Southampton were OK. Liverpool were just outright bad. Stupid lineup with 4 center backs, questionable tactics and woeful performance by the Pool. Not sure what Rodgers was thinking but he should take the blame for this loss except he beleves it was bad criminal defending that cost Liverpool. Someone needs to put a gag on him as he says the dumbest things and never takes blame for anything.

    I can see Liverpool lose to United on Wednesday and to Sunderland next Sunday. They lost to Villa last season,at home, when Villa were struggling and in last spot.

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