DirecTV Will Offer Access to NBC’s Premier League Extra Time, According to Report

DirecTV will offer access to NBC’s Premier League Extra Time in time for the 2013-14 Premier League season, according to a report on DirecTV’s website.

Premier League Extra Time is the product from NBC that will feature a slew of live matches to choose from on television that are not being televised elsewhere. Combined with a subscription to other NBC networks such as NBC, NBC Sports Network and other NBC Universal channels, the overflow channels will allow DirecTV customers to have access to all 380 Premier League matches each season.

“More than 180 matches not airing on the NBC suite of channels can be found in Premier League Extra Time, a free package of EPL matches available to DIRECTV customers with CHOICE XTRA package and above,” read the message on DirecTV’s support website. “The Premier League Extra Time channel range has yet to be announced and will be available in HD only.”

If true, this is outstanding news for soccer fans in the United States.

While DirecTV didn’t mention whether the TV provider would also offer its customers access to NBC Sports Live Extra, the free app (with a subscription to NBC Sports Network) that will offer all 380 games live and online via the web, smart phone or tablet devices, the chances are very likely that DirecTV will offer it if they’re offering Premier League Extra Time. There’s no cost to DirecTV to have them add NBC Sports Live Extra for its customers.

More news is expected from NBC this coming week.

Have questions about NBC’s coverage of the EPL for the upcoming season? Read our article regarding everything you need to know about NBC’s coverage plans. And here’s what you can expect from Premier League Extra Time.

Thanks to World Soccer Talk reader Lee McKenzie for the news tip.

64 thoughts on “DirecTV Will Offer Access to NBC’s Premier League Extra Time, According to Report”

  1. Great news! I was prepared to buy out my current DirecTV contract. Now, I don’t have to! Although, I may leave on a free transfer once my current contract agreement is up in February :)

    1. I think this is a worry. Many people with DTV get there internet through other providers. Then you cannot get many streaming services because you do not get the TV channel from your internet provider.

      1. It’s been confirmed by NBC in their press release that DirecTV customers will also be able to stream; it will just mean digging out your directv details when signing into NBC’s streaming service.

  2. Hurray for the Directv subs.

    Wait! *checks for The Sun being the source of this news*

    Nope. Looks legit. Glad to read Directv subs get this info sooner than later to eliminate subscriber anxiety.

    1. No word yet. It’s looking doubtful at this point. The season kicks off three weeks from today, but keep on calling DISH to tell them you want it (and tell them that DirecTV is offering it, so why isn’t DISH?).

  3. There is definitely a cost to DTV in providing the streaming app, you are not watching DTV. That’s a pretty key thing.

    1. There’s no dollar amount involved. NBC is providing the NBC Sports Live Extra service free-of-charge to DirecTV and other TV providers, but I understand what you’re saying.

  4. Must have been the follow-up e-mail from April that I sent them again on Tuesday… little do they realize that they’re only encouraging me to start nagging them about getting my bill under $100/month. Thanks for the coverage on all this, Gaffer!

      1. TimeWarner is always a lagard, but they come through in the end. For example, they throw FS+ into the Sports Pack rather than charging a stand-alone subscription. I’m good with that.

  5. I know it’s not available to everyone, but just get FiOS if you can switch from something else. I took two accounts (home and my business) over to them from Time Warner and get better internet, more channels, and most importantly all the EPL coverage. And at less cost.

    And I made sure to let Time Warner know exactly why I did it. Not that anyone listens or cares on their end, but still.

  6. This is excellent news! Am I correct that this does not necessarily mean that the app,will be available?

    As for Dishnetwork, their customers have the app now, so they will at least have online access.

    1. No confirmation whether the NBC Sports Live Extra app will be available to DirecTV customers yet, but as soon as we hear something, we’ll let you know.

      1. Directv is still not listed in the app. I tweeted both Directv and NBC Sports recently, but got no response. Any word on your end?

  7. Thanks for such great news. So between U verse , Dish and DirecTv who is offering most comprehensive EPL coverage?
    I mean some are providing access to App others are providing access to Premier league extra time channels , anybody providing both?

    1. Right now, U-verse and DISH Network are offering NBC Sports Live Extra but no Premier League Extra Time, while DirecTV will offer Premier League Extra Time but no confirmation on NBC Sports Live Extra. So it depends whether you want to watch most games on TV or Internet. If it’s TV, then DirecTV is a better option. If it’s Internet, then DISH or U-verse are better choices.

      Comcast xFinity may end up being the best choice of them all. It’s expected that they’ll have NBC Sports Live Extra and Premier League Extra Time.

      1. Do you know if xfinity will actually show any of these extra channels in HD or not. Their HD service is very limited in San Francisco area,only 1 HD channels for premium channels like HBO & Showtime so I don’t see tem offering too many of theses in HD.we don’t get beIN sports in HD either. Thanks.

      2. Thanks for reply and as always great job reporting this.
        I have only option of Dtv, Dish and U verse. So will see which one offers better plan to me and will go with that.

  8. I spoke with a Direct TV sales rep over the phone today. To my surprise, she was actually aware of what NBC Sports Live Extra was! (this is the first of 6 sales reps among time warner, DISH, etc to have actually hear of premier league extra time OR NBC Sports Live Extra)

    She said that negotiations/talks were taking place to get their customers access to NBC Sports Live Extra. She gave me a guess of about 2 months tops before Direct TV would offer the online access (I don’t know what this is based on however).

    Regardless, good news regarding the access to Premier League Extra Time and thanks to the Gaffer for the coverage on this.

  9. More news coming this week…we talking provider news, the actual tv schedule, or something else? Come on gaffer 😉

      1. The gaffer,
        Why the heaven don’t you have a soccer show on tv? Thanks for always being ontop of things. We appreciate you!

        1. Thanks Jyde for the nice comment. I’ve been on TV a few times before, as an analyst for guest appearances on beIN SPORT, BBC, CBC and other networks. But we do have something in the pipeline that you may be excited about. Mum’s the word for now.

  10. Gaffer,
    As a DirecTV subscriber, this is great news, but I have to ask…

    Why did you use the words “According to Report” in the headline, and “If true” in the story?

    Do you think DirecTV would put incorrect information on its website?


    1. There’s always the very slim chance that a hotshot DirecTV Support guy posted wrong information. DirecTV hasn’t publicly announced anything except for this one short message. But I’m 99.999% positive that the information is correct.

      1. Some lady named “Julie” confirmed it via their facebook account. I suppose we should still take that with a grain of salt, but it was their official directv handle who confirmed it.

  11. Gaffer:

    Anytime you update with a tv provider adding their name to either list…it might be nice in your article to reaffirm those who already are on the list. Maybe at the bottom of the article.

    Someone read this and complained Verizon wasn’t listed. I had to point them to your earlier article.

    Just an idea for when you do updates.

  12. Sure, rub it in will ya. I’m stuck with Charter Cable which won’t be offering any of the NBC extra channels. They don’t offer BeIn, GolTV, Fox Soccer Plus, and they never did get around to broadcasting Fox Soccer in HD!

    1. So leave Charter. I stuck with Cox Cable longer than I should before switching to DirecTV. I now pay less per month, have DT in four rooms with a combined 5tb of hard drive space, AND, most importantly have high quality reception, something which Cox could never guarantee, and infinitely more channel choice. The icing on the cake: as just announced, ALL the EPL games in HD.

  13. thanks for the info. one question remains. I like to watch many games, many different clubs, and fox made that easy because it didn’t put games on at the same time, it showed many on tape delay as you know…having six games all live is meaningless imo unless these games will be repeated, I can only record two games simultaneously. So far, nothing has been mentioned as to whether nbc will show games on delay/repeat, which imo is far more valuable a selling point than having all the games live. fox really got this right, I hope nbc learn fro this. Have you heard anything regarding this, thanks?

  14. Top Notch News alright Gaffer, I had put a response in a previous story that I had spoken to DirecTV and the lad on the phone told me there would be an announcement by the 27th…do I get a finders fee?? Actually the fact that he WAS RIGHT, reaffirms my faith in DTV as the best out there!

    Cant wait for the season to begin!

      1. lol…great stuff on the site as usual Gaffer. Going to be an amazing football experience for US fans this year with MOTD on saturday nights,@NBCSports PLEASE!!!! dont ruin this show with loads of ad breaks

  15. Excellent.

    Ordered Directv this morning. I had asked Time Warner Cable about this repeatedly in the recent weeks, no one had any idea what i was talking about. I will be cancelling TWC and letting them know why – i hope others are following suit and that enough customers move from TWC in the next few weeks to make them realize they shouldn’t have ignored the soccer market.

  16. I just ordered Directv and canceled my subscription with my current cable provider (Armstrong) who told me yesterday they didn’t have plans to offer Prem extra time. Great news and great timing! Thanks for the update!! Cannot wait!!!!! Up the Saints!

  17. Gaffer,

    I heard a rumour that NBC Premier League Extra Time will be available for Choice package and above (instead of Choice Xtra and above). Any confirmation re: this ?

      1. Thanks, Gaffer. I hear it’s going to be official by August 8. I keep my fingers crossed so I can stay with the package I currently have.

  18. Ordered Direct TV this morning. It was staggering how TWC didn’t even pretend to care over this whole issue. I am sure the direct TV/extra time thing is all above board, but am I only one who would feel slightly better if Direct TV formally announced it on their website? Right now, its still buried in an FAQ thread.

  19. Just spoke to DirecTV and not sure if it was an agent who didn’t have an idea what I was talking about but he said that there are no plans to offer the NBC sports live extra service.

  20. Thanks for the info Gaffer! Do you know if the Premier League Extra Time will allow viewers on DirecTV to watch the matches later by re-airing them again after the live feed? It’ll be nice to keep the habit of watching all 10 weekend matches & hopefully I will be able to, just how FSC aired the matches later on in the day since most people can’t DVR 5-8 programs at the same time! Thanks!

  21. I’ve been watching and/or hearing about this for months and the question I have is this: are these extra games gonna be played on tv or the internet? I know at least two will be broadcast on NBC but what about the rest? My husband is rabid about his football and will be switching to Direct TV to get the games. Problem is, he works weekends and I have to record everything on the dvr so he can see them when he comes home. On Fox this is a no-brainer because not only are the games on the telly live or otherwise,they even rerun ’em at a later date just in case you missed one. From what I’m hearing NBC is showing them all live with no mention of reruns and no real definitive answer about whether the overflow games will be on the ‘net or on tv or both. I know that NBC Extra Time covers the net but what about the Premier Extra time? Is this strictly tv and will the games be available on a repeat basis thru the week or am I shite outta luck and have to try n’ nab ’em right when their shown? I’d really appreciate some concrete information on all of this…anyone?

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