Future of Sky Sports News On FOX Is Up In The Air

Sky Sports News, the popular 24/7 British sports news network that has been simulcast on FOX Soccer for several years, has been discontinued by FOX Soccer as of June 30.

Since Sunday night, no live nor taped simulcasts of Sky Sports News have appeared on FOX Soccer, and the TV schedule through July 14 shows that there are no plans to air the program.

Despite a previous statement from a FOX Sports spokesperson that FOX Sports 1 was planning on airing Sky Sports News in an early morning timeslot, the future of the show is up in the air now with FOX Sports stating today that “Programming plans for FOX Sports 1 are evolving, and at this point we are unable to comment specifically on the future of Sky Sports News.”

Based on the information that we have, the show could return to FOX at some point in the future, or it could be gone forever. It’s difficult to ascertain based on the information we have.

If you enjoy watching Sky Sports News and you’d like to see it continue to be aired on FOX Soccer (and FOX Sports 1, as of August 17), your best bet is to let FOX Soccer know via their contact form at http://msn.foxsports.com/feedback.

Sky Sports News has been a popular program among soccer fans to stay updated on the latest transfer news, debate and stories from the top soccer leagues in the world. The news program is particularly renowned for its transfer deadline coverage.

While the future of Sky Sports News is in doubt, FOX Soccer continues to air episodes of FOX Soccer News. Meanwhile, when FOX Sports 1 launches on August 17, the new network will feature FOX Sports Live, a 24/7 news franchise providing around-the-clock coverage through regularly scheduled programs and hourly updates..

34 thoughts on “Future of Sky Sports News On FOX Is Up In The Air”

  1. Yet another kick in the n*ts from the clueless idiots at Fox, I’m very upset at missing the daily paper review and a regular dose of Charlie, Millie, Olivia and the crew. As an ex-pat I’m also gutted to miss out on some cricket, rugby and darts. It was like a daily dose of the old country.

    Is there an online option?

    Does this decision have anything to do with the rights for soccer and formula 1 being held by NBC? If it is then forget Sky Sports News ever being shown on Fox Sports 1.

    I tried fox Sports News for the first time and could only take about 10 minutes. I can’t stand the Sportscenter approach with moronic presenters. Give me my Sky Sports News back you b*stards!

    1. Smokey
      could not agree more not ex-pat but loved me my Sky Sports.Fox could f-up a anvil.i follow more Euro sports than North American sports.

    2. +1 to Smokey. Expat household thrilled to find ssn when we moved here in 07. We recorded all airings and watched as much of that as poss-we tuned in for football, cricket, rugby and the general daily rundown. It is so much more than a highlights show…and we have now gone from 3 recorded hrs of FSC a day (2am, midday, 7pm) to zero.

    3. NBC has had formula 1 for a while and beIN sports has had the championship for a full season but it did not stop Fox from broadcasting the program last season. This just Fox acting like a baby, you celebrate that NBC took over the EPL, will we are moving,good luck to you. Fox did the same thing when it lost the rights to the NHL.

    4. OMG – Ex Pat too and woke up on July 1st to no Sky Sports News !!! ok i will wait for the EPL from NBC on August 17 but will SSN be broadcast on another cable channel?

    1. Hi folks! I’m Gus Johnnnnsssonnnn!!!! Grahhhh!! This is my news show! For the next 1/2 hour I’ll just scream out random words!! ……. Pickle!!!! …… Width!!! ……… Premiership!!!!

      Thanks for watchhhhiinngggg!!!!


  2. Several years? I’ve been watching Sky Sports News since I first got Fox Sports International in 2001. Knowing we are saddled with the second rate Fox Soccer News 14 times a day is tragic. I wrote to the above address and let them know my thoughts.

  3. I like the Saturday evening show that has all the goals from the football league but otherwise it’s simply a promotion for SKY properties and don’t cover other leagues like Bundesliga, Serie A or Ligue Un.

      1. Agree w/Kartik – Saturday shows were great with every non EPL goal from England. SSN is notorious for pimping events for which it hold s UK right like F1 & cricket. they totally ignored the Confed cup & U20 world cup

      2. Don’t defend him Guy. Like every other broadcaster doesn’t do the same thing with their rights.

        If you are an expat you are probably upset at the demise of Sky Sports. If not, you probably don’t care. That is the point.

        1. I’m no expat, but miss SSN immensely. I’ve been a rugby fan for years and after recently watching the ICC trphy matches and some of the Tri Nations, cricket has caught my eye. I even get LBW. Still not sure about a gully, though. 😉

          SSN gave me the interviews, follow-up stories and analysis to help put everything into context. Just have the papers now. I check The Guardian every day. What others should I be paying attention to? :-)

  4. Just shocking, what is the point of re-running Fox soccer news 15 times a day.

    I really enjoyed Sky Sports News.

  5. Chris, thanks for providing the link to the feedback form. Here is what I wrote them:

    “For the last several years, I have been watching Sky Sports News on Fox Soccer via Cox Cable here in Tulsa 74115. Now Sky Sports News is gone. Please return it by August 17th to one of your services (presumably Sky Sports 1).

    “Specifically, I would ask you to be sure to air the hour which is live at 7:00 am in England, which includes the review of the morning papers. You could delay that hour to 3:00 am Eastern time so the “paper review” hour would always be available at the same time in the U.S., even during the weeks in the spring when the U.S. is on daylight time but Britain is not yet on BST, and the weeks in the fall when the U.S. has not yet returned to standard time but the UK has gone back to GMT.

    “Please do this for me. :-) Thanks.”

  6. It’s useless to complain to them…they didn’t listen when their pet celebrity Gus Johnson ruined the Champions League….why would they now? Get used to the new reality when it comes to Fox and footy….



  7. Definitely going to miss Jim White’s Transfer Day Deadline show. Seeing the Sky Sports reporters getting annoyed when club supporters won’t shut up always makes me laugh.

  8. I think Smokey’s point about rights holders is nail on head.

    Does anyone think for a moment that NBC is going to allow FOX to air one second of Premier League highlights in the U.S.? That means that even if FOX were to air Sky Sports News they would not be able to show any highlights of any matches. So, how would that work? We’d see the news program, but if it came to any Prem news/video the screen would go black?

    I love SSN, but think we are slamming FOX for no reason (this time). For all we know FOX tried to work out a deal and NBC told them to stuff it or asked an outrageous fee.

    Unfortunately, the loss of SSN in the U.S. seems to be one of those unforeseen consequences of the new Premier League rights deal.


    1. Why wouldn’t NBC let Fox show hghlights of the Premier League as long as they (Fox) pay for it. Fox Soccer News shows highlights of leagues that belong to other channels (BeIN, GolTV, ESPN).

      I don’t suppose NBC has a sister channel in the UK?

      1. NBC could. I just think that, given their war with FOX for bidding rights, they won’t. Their interest will be in keeping FOX down, not in helping them out….. a dynamic that does not exist in your FSN example.

        1. That’s completely the opposite.
          1) NBC would be glad that Fox & SSN show highlights of the PL because that’s good advertisement for them just like Fox shows highlights of leagues belonging to BeIN or ESPN or GolTV all the time. It’s a win situation for the right holders because they get paid plus their rival channels are advertising their products. Now if Fox decides not to show premier league highlights it’s their own decision maybe because they don’t want to advertise a rival’s product, but not the other way around.

          2) If the dynamic exists for SSN (doesn’t want Fox showing PL highglights), it also exists for FSN because they are being shown on the same channel.

          1. We are simply not going to see this issue from the same perspective and that’s fine.

            All I am suggesting is that NBC may be more interested in driving viewers to its own stations to see highlights rather than getting some tangential publicity for the league by allowing FOX to show them.

            TV wars are strange things. I just don’t see NBC playing nicey-nice with the people they just beat out in the rights bidding…unless the price is right. That always changes everything.

    2. The segment of Sky Sports New shown at 7PM est on Saturday didn’t show Premiere League highlights. They never showed EPL goals on the segments broadcast in the US.

      1. True, that’s because BBC Match Of The Day had the rights to the highlights on Saturday night. The Sunday Sky Sports News used to include goal highlights of EPL games, if I remember correctly.

    3. Whats also weird is that Fox would force us to watch this content online–on a free site–rather than on their own network which we have to pay for. Brilliant.

  9. This is especially galling since they are part of the same company! Surely it would cost less to Fox to air Sky Sports than to pay to produce their own news program. Or even to air alternate programming.

  10. We are South African ex-pats, and in the U.S.A, Fox Sport is the only way we can get news of Springbok rugby and cricket.
    I am bluntly going to say, that if Sky Sports goes, we will cancel our subsciption to Fox Soccer.
    And no doubt, many others will, too.
    We need Dale Steyn and Brian Habana.

  11. I was unhappy that Sky Sports News just disappeared a few weeks ago. Since then I have been checking every so often and on my uverse search last night, SSN popped up with timeslots on Fox Soccer + starting 8/2 at midnight, noon and 6pm. It has since disappeared in the last hour or so from my guide but I feel a little better.

  12. so where is SSN now? I checked some of the content through the night and el zippo!!!! Is Fox putting it out on any of their channels….

    Very frustrating!


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