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Liverpool Away Shirt for 2011-2012 Season Revealed: Photos

liverpool away shirt 2010 2011 2 Liverpool Away Shirt for 2011 2012 Season Revealed: Photos

New photos of what appears to be Liverpool’s away shirt for the 2011-2012 season have been leaked.

The photos of Liverpool’s new away shirt reveal a return to the club’s famous yellow shirt with red trim. Designed and manufactured by Adidas, Liverpool’s new away shirt features red pinstripes on the front as well as the famous three red stripes from Adidas on the shoulders, a classic V-neck and the sponsor’s name emblazoned on the front.

Liverpool first wore a yellow away jersey in a European Cup game against Ajax in December, 1966. A yellow shirt then became the club’s third jersey from 1979-1982. It was then used, sometimes as a third jersey and sometimes as an away jersey, between the years 1982 to 1987, and it’s been used sporadically since then. The last time Liverpool wore yellow was the 2006-2007 season when it was their away shirt. There’s definitely a lot of history with the Reds wearing the color.

If this is Liverpool’s new away shirt for the 2011-12 season, what do you think about it? Share your opinion in the comments section below. And if this is the away shirt, then maybe this shirt is the third jersey for next season?

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Here’s a better picture of the new Liverpool away shirt after the jump:

liverpool away shirt 2010 2011 Liverpool Away Shirt for 2011 2012 Season Revealed: Photos

Spotted on Football Shirt Culture.

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53 Responses to Liverpool Away Shirt for 2011-2012 Season Revealed: Photos

  1. Peter says:

    nice LFC Away Shirt.

  2. Cory says:

    Already been rumored that this is a fake. Apparently the real away kit will be white/cyan. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. However, Adidas couldn’t go wrong with this if they used it – looks nice.

  3. StellaWasAlwaysDown says:

    Love it – great to see them integrate historic colors and keep it simple. Soccer kits don’t have to make a fashion statement, unless you are Marseille.

  4. Ryan says:

    There is NO WAY that white with blue trim shirt is real. Who in their right mind would put BLUE anywhere on a Liverpool shirt?

    • Sean says:

      Liverpool’s original home kit was blue and white.

      Moreover, Liverpool had blue in their third kits for the 1999-2000 season as well as the 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 seasons.

      • john says:

        Theres no chance blue will ever go in a reds shirt we have green. In 1992 Adidas getting told no chance on sales for a blue and white shirt to resemble 100 years thats why it was jade and white. Blue is the SH**ES and no true RED would put it on

    • mfundo says:

      i agr whit you

  5. Drew M. says:

    I sort of wish these shirts were available in non-super stretchy high-tech wick away form. Those shirts never seem to fit comfortably across my shoulders.

  6. Gigi says:

    Loads better than the leaked white/blue one. This one, I’d definitely pick up. The white one? Not a chance.

    • RAWK says:

      the white/blue “leaked” kit was a photoshop job from a member on, badly done at that

      can’t believe how many people couldn’t tell

      april 14 is shirt release date, EComChris on twitter (a bloke that has actually seen the kit) says this isnt it because the colours and design are both different, Grey/Silver are the colours

      • andrew bell says:

        I was at anfield on sunday for the match and i quizzed the manager of the clubshop about the new away kit…I asked was it white he said no, i asked was it yellow he said no…he also stated that the kit is very different to what we have ever had….i asked had he seen it and he said yes, its out in may…there will also be a new 3rd kit….

  7. John says:

    This is the current white one but yellow, it was on Ebay being sold from Malaysia so imo FAKE !

  8. Raatzie says:

    Red home.

    White away.

    Black third.

    Wait, they won’t need a third.

    Thanks, Szszszszszszszszny.

    • Drew says:

      The new away kit for 2011-2012 is black with silver and red badges… just pre-ordered mine from LFC store… As for the other 2 It will be released on the 14th to public.

  9. brn442 says:

    It would have been nice if it were the real deal. I wish they would do something about that cluttered badge though.

  10. shaun says:

    I have been to the club shop my mate works there.And he said even he cannot tell me the colour or design.I kept quizzing about colours and design and he wouldnt budge.He eventually said that it was NOT grey/silver so make of that what you will,

  11. Chris says:

    I work for LFC and can categorically tell you that this is a fake and nothing like the actual releases.

  12. James says:

    It says on the official site that the new kit is grey silver and red so this is a fake!

  13. shane says:

    the new one is grey and silver with red stripes so it says on the official website

  14. swouser says:

    adidas should have the stripes all the way down the sleave..and instead of the stripes adidas they should have the old school logo…then it would look brilliant..;)

  15. LFC Beech says:

    Already announced on the official website that the kit will be solid grey/silver/red =)

  16. AntoMc says:

    It’s defo fake, just had email from club for release date and it said new shirt was solid grey with silver and red.

  17. LFC1973 says:

    The kit is grey(almost black) with flourescant red(orangey looking) stripes
    Standard chartered sponsorship is silver. See Barcelona 2009 – 2010 away kit for colour of stripes.

  18. Joe G. says:

    Obviously this is a tip-o-the-hat to their rumored new sponsors, McDonald’s.

  19. Dave says:

    i like this kit, looks like the same away kit when we were actually winning cups

  20. Digsy says:

    Nice kit, but really just a re-colouring of the current away. Also fake, the new away has been confirmed as grey and silver with red.

  21. Beaty59 says:

    Although this is a nice looking kit it is just a copy of the current white kit but in diffrent colour. Offical LFC website says away kit will be Solid Grey/Silver/Red ( )

  22. Jeavons says:

    It’s not this yellow one, this could be the new 3rd kit as we are getting a new one of them as well, but on the LFC website on the preorder page the badge is silver and they always have the badge revealed first, thats why i think it will be one of the 2 white/blue ones rumoured

  23. dave says:

    Guys. It clearly says on the LFC site that the away kit is a solid grey with red and silver. So why are you still on about this yellow one?

  24. sf says:

    It is barely diffrent this years white away kit, it just the adidas stripes and the other stripes aremt on the sleves

  25. BORING!!!
    It’s a… “wonna-be-vintage” kit, but it’s still another MODERN BORING ADIDAS style!

    I think, it’s time our club to turn back to UMBRO! Have you seen (you did, of course) the present UMBRO kits for ENGLAND?
    I think, I had decades to see SO SUPERB kits for the “Three Lions”!… Just perfect! Simple, total “ruby” red for away kit, total white for the home one, without stripes/layers/lines or anything like these cr*p ADIDAS’ using, with emboss manufacturer’s logos (not printed) on the fabric…
    …very classic and marvelous to wear it even in Saturday nights in clubs!
    What more we need?

    So, I HOPE to see a TOTAL/SIMPLE coloring away kit.
    I’ve seen that TOTAL BLACK in the official LFC site. If it’s not a “teaser” add, would be amazing kit – a top-class kit.

  26. Conor says:

    I know it goes against everything LFC, but I actually do like the mock up one with the blue stripe, and as Sean said before Liverpool have had Blue in their kits before as you can see from this site below:

    The official LFC Site states:
    “The new Liverpool FC Away Kit, the kit worn by the players on their domestic travels during the 2011/12 season, will feature a Solid Grey/Silver/Red colour ”

  27. No, I don’t agree.
    The blue/white coloring was the FIRST home kit we had, when our founder split his path from Everton. But after a couple of years, we changed to red/white… till our GLORIOUS Bill Shankly choosed for the team to wear a “total red”.

    The traditional coloring for the away kit is like the ENGLAND’s colors (but with black, not dark navy blue as England has)… After many years, they picked a GOLDEN coloring (probably a yellow-ochre-orange tone).

    No, I’ll VERY dissapointed if I’ll see a white/blue or blue/white kit.

  28. GrimmoGames33 says:

    I don’t know what to make of this kit… On one hand I’m happy that Liverpool have finally used a unique coloured strip instead of the boring and recently used black and white colours, and also this kind of kit takes us back to the glory days, but on the other hand it just looks too yellow. I wouldn’t be disappointed if this was our new strip, but I wouldn’t be really happy either. Anyway isn’t the new kit grey with red stripes? We’ll have to wait until April 14th.

  29. GrimmoGames33 says:

    I just looked on the LFC website and like many of you guys have said the kit will be solid grey with hints of silver and red, so end of discussion, this kit is fake.

  30. ross thomson says:

    i hope that is fake cos it looks disgusting. it is like mustard with ketchup on it. i hope this one is the away kit cos its way better:

  31. Epka says:

    so cool

  32. Todd says:

    if you look on liverpoolfc “new away kit 2011″ it says “we think it’s going to be a fans faviourite with the colours gray/silver/red” so this picture is a fake

  33. 8ball says:

    so im guessing its going to be grey silver and red then????

    they all looked poop last season to be fair! just doesnt look right without the carlsberg logo!!!

  34. Nic Rushton says:

    new liverpool home shirt has blue all over people!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Ian Rashid says:

    Whatever it is, I want Liverpool will do something to win our heart back by winning any major trophies. Frankly, I like this design n hope this pattern will make do to with home kit. I’ve been the supporter since Dalglish – Rush era.

  36. lewis says:

    this isnt the new kit lfc away kit
    LFC have already offically reveled that the new kit will be, grey/silver/red.
    check out

  37. Like I wrote you, I talked with few people from the official club (personally, but also as member of “Thessaloniki LFC Branch” – a very strong/powerful foreign LFC branch)… and they mention about the away kit… “grey/silver/red”. So, that yellow one won’t be the official/real one.

    I said also, many times, we NEED (us, the Liverpool family) to turn BACK in our traditional principles, colors, etc…
    About some lads here they wrote for trophies and titles, we CAN’T win titles/trophies “just like that”, after a SINGLE SUMMER training preperation!!! We had a GOOD team (when Hoollier left) and after FIVE ONLY years of “Raf-Armagedon” lead… we “became” moderate team and even… WBA’s NOT FEAR us and playing BETTER than us and defeating us.

    (Whatever if you are “Rafa followers” – why??? – or not, it’s less than obvious that we had a GREAT roster between 2001-2006… and now we have a roster with 4-6 ONLY good players and the rest, bellow average’s quality. So… We need AS MUCH AS YEARS we – he, Rafa! – “spend” to… destroyed what we had!… So, don’t FOOLING yourselves! Kenny knows. Kenny’s clever and genious. Kenny understands FAR BETTER from anyone, what our club needs. And needs…, TIME! Time, to RECOVER!)

  38. Christopher Lloyd says:

    i support liverpool and it’s look alright but the colour not my choice

  39. bill says:

    the dark grey’s are a nice away kit but id love to see this as the 3rd jersey.

  40. shahzad says:

    nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Nathan Lambourne. says:

    I am a Arsenal fan, i hate to admit but Liverpool have such nice kits! Not just that but the Atmosphere is amazing YNWA, i mean at the Emirates we don’t have main songs that stand out unlike Anfeild! Got to have love for Liverpool! <3

  42. Nathan Lambourne. says:

    Chloe Guntrip

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