MLS Season Pass could soon add the multiview feature that allows people to watch multiple games at once. With Major League Soccer introducing matchdays with 14 games on one day, this would allow the league to provide viewers with maximum views for multiple games.

According to 9to5Mac, this option would be across Apple, not selective to just Major League Soccer and MLS Season Pass. Steve Moser of MacRumors found code in the beta testing for the next big Apple update, iOS 16.5, that can have simultaneous broadcasts of more than just soccer. Instead, it would incorporate soccer, baseball and any other live sports properties Apple acquires. For example, rumors indicate Apple could be in the market for PAC-12 college football.

The estimate now is that Apple will have four simultaneous live broadcasts in this multiview feature that can impact MLS Season Pass. One matchday can have at least eight simultaneous games. For example, the April 1 kickoffs have eight games at 7:39 p.m. ET. The supposed multiview feature on Apple can allow MLS Season Pass subscribers to take advantage of the platform to see more games.

MLS Season Pass multiview feature not a new concept

Other major providers already have similar technology that soccer fans can use. ESPN and Fubo both have options where you can display multiple games at one time. However, ESPN’s Multicast and Fubo’s Multiview open the doors for multiple leagues or competitions at the same time.

Apple can use this multiview feature with different sports, just like those two. However, Apple’s soccer content is still limited. Therefore, the multiview feature can allow fans to truly dive into Major League Soccer. Particularly for more casual fans unassociated with a club, this would be a major upgrade than bouncing around just one game or watching the MLS 360 whiparound show.

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