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MLS ’11 Preview – Stadiums Helping League Finances Stay Healthy

Proposed 15,000 seat San Jose Earthquakes Stadium Fifteen years ago, MLS launched with teams in downright psychedelic uniforms playing on football fields; some of MLS’s earliest highlights look like the two teams are playing on a lacrosse field.  In 2011, the situation has vastly changed, as most MLS franchises have their own soccer specific fields or compounds with only a few still sharing their stadiums with an NFL team.  The multitude of stadiums has also allowed MLS franchises to own another revenue flow which has led to marked improvements of the product on the pitch.  As part of the MLS ... Read more

Weekend Updates: February 4-6, 2011

It was an admittedly slow week in American soccer as the American sports scene shifted to Dallas and the American football Super Bowl.  Within the soccer world some amazing results and goals from the English Premier League overshadowed almost all the other soccer news.  But nevertheless there were some noteworthy happenings in MLS this past weekend; as usual, share your thoughts and anything I missed in the comments section. The Chicago Fire are adding more fire-power (sorry, couldn’t resist) by signing Uruguayan forward Gaston Puerari.  The 25 year-old South American has scored eight goals the past two years with the ... Read more

The Egypt Friendly and Why Politics Matter in Sports

Photo by Monasosh The United States is scheduled to play an international friendly next week in Egypt against the host country, and as many of you are well aware, the political situation is unsettled, to put is lightly.  By the February 9 friendly there may not be a government in Egypt, or even a new one, but the situation is incredibly fluid.  So far, USSF officials have not canceled the match and have said they will play on February 9, but are monitoring the situation and are in communication with the State Department regarding travel advisories and other details. (The ... Read more

Why the US is a Lock to Host the 2022 World Cup (or Maybe 2018)

There is some real drama about which European country will host the next World Cup.  Both England and Russia have submitted solid bids, and FIFA is going to have to think very deeply about which country will get to host this prestigious event.  However, FIFA is awarding both the 2018 and 2022 World Cups this December, and although several countries, including South Korea, Australia and Qatar are bidding for the other slot, the US is almost a guaranteed winner.  There are several factors in the US’s favor, but as with most things about FIFA, they come down to money. Nobody ... Read more

Landon – This Saturday is Why You Went to Everton

On Saturday morning, Landon Donovan will board a bus at Goodison Park, the stadium at the top of the photo amid all the working class houses, and travel about a mile to Anfield, the stadium at the bottom of the photo amid all the working class houses.    Escorted by a phalanx of security, Donovan and his teammates will walk into Anfield and then, eventually through he tunnel, onto the field, and into an experience wholly new to Donovan.  No matter what happens for the rest of Landon Donovan’s career, no matter what happens in South Africa, no matter whether he returns to ... Read more

Having MLS Stars Go to Europe is Great for US Soccer … and Good for the MLS

As Landon Donovan settles into the Everton, Michael Bradley becomes even more a fixture at the Bundesliga, and Stuart Holden and Ricardo Clark leave the US and take big career risks to fight for a position on European teams, many American fans are bemoaning the fate of the MLS. What if all our stars go to Europe? What if the MLS becomes just a developmental league for European teams? It may be counter-intuitive, and perhaps a little heretical, but soccer in America, and MLS in particular, can thrive as an exporter of quality domestic talent. As I have said before, ... Read more

Atlanta’s New Soccer-specific Stadium

Well, “Atlanta”. It’s actually in Kennesaw, on the grounds of Kennesaw State University. Kennesaw is in Cobb County, northwest of Atlanta-proper. Did you know that everyone in Kennesaw has to own a gun? They don’t enforce that law, but it is on the books. Has been since ’82, I believe. But that’s just being random, on to the story… Steven Goff broke the news today, although the secret wasn’t exactly well kept by the Atlanta Beat or Kennesaw State.  The stadium will seat about 8,300 and looks a little like Rochester’s stadium. It’s somewhat remarkable in a way, since the ... Read more

Random Thoughts on the US Win

Some random thoughts on the US win and the upcoming game against Costa Rica The Greatest US Win I Have Never Seen.    A lot has already been said about how absurd it was that this game was not broadcast to the average US fan, so there is no reason to continue to beat this dead horse.  Beyond the television rights, Grant Wahl’s twitter on the game failed to tweet, the ussoccer.com twitter was intermittent at best and their Match Tracker did not work at all (at least for me), so switching between the New York Times Goal! update and ... Read more