There was much debate in the 2023-24 final El Clasico on whether Lamine Yamal’s flick had crossed the line. This spurred discussion over the absence of goal-line technology in LaLiga.

Despite its widespread usage in other top European leagues, LaLiga has yet to implement goal-line technology. The anticipated annual cost of $4.3 million has been the primary justification for not including it.

But a lot of people have been talking about Lamine Yamal’s VAR controversy in Real Madrid’s 3-2 triumph against Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu. Much to the visitors’ wrath, the on-field judgment of no goal remained.

That’s because VAR could not corroborate what the Catalans believed—that the whole ball had crossed the line. If goal-line technology had been operational, it could have determined with pinpoint accuracy if the ball crossed the line.

What did LaLiga President say about goal-line technology?

But the Spanish top flight lacks this, and that has prompted a lot of criticism. Thus, the league’s president Javier Tebas tried to explain why the league did not have the technology.

“Other very competitive leagues are coming so we can’t always do the same thing, they would overtake us. Goal-line technology is not a perfect technology and that is the first reason we don’t have it,” he said.

“But it is not only that: throughout a season, ghost goals happen three or four times and If you add to that that it is not perfect, the cost is very high for the use given to it: it means investing between five and six million for the two divisions to use it once and with no doubts. What I do advocate is to implement more cameras that help the referees.”

It’s no secret that Tebas, who has already made many statements on LaLiga’s finances, is eager to keep the league from spending as much money as possible.

Barcelona won’t sit with arms crossed

However, due to what they see as an unfairness in Sunday’s El Clasico, Barcelona will take legal action against the Royal Spanish Football Federation. In response to a Monday statement by President Joan Laporta, the RFEF released a tape including the audio.

However, they didn’t reveal the different feeds they had established in the VAR room, which led to the goal. The RFEF denied the plea, pointing out that they won’t give any special treatment to Barcelona alone.

Based on reports from RAC1, Barcelona is reportedly planning to sue the RFEF to get the videos they seek. Furthermore, Laporta implied in his remark that he would ask for a rematch with Real Madrid. He pointed to the example of Genk vs Anderlecht which was rescheduled for the Belgian season finale as an example.

On the other hand, Real Madrid are poised to win their league championship with games to spare. Thus, it has not gone unnoticed by many that Laporta and Barcelona might be exploiting this as a distraction after their loss in El Clasico. Still, it’s clear from Xavi Hernandez and Laporta’s comments during the season that they think the authorities have treated them unjustly.