The games may have finished, but the action off the pitch continues.

Manchester City announced their plans to own the 20th MLS franchise this week, and in section one we discuss the implications for the Citizens and MLS. What do you think? Are billionaires what the league needs to progress?

In section 2, it’s all about Wembley baby. Not since the Kraftwerk world tour has England had such a popular German invasion as ‘holistic’ meets manufactured in Dortmund v Munich. With Mario Gotze forced to watch from the stands, we look to decipher just why the team resembling bumblebees have captured the hearts and minds of so many neutrals. We also tread into the dreaded waters of prediction – think that’s easy? Then drop your own in the comments and take a chance on eternal pod prestige.

It wouldn’t be the off-season without transfer rumours. Has that really brilliant striker been spotted house hunting? Maybe an international looking defender just got off the train at your local station. Thanks to science, and Morgan’s Shreeves-o-meter (patent pending) we try to give you an indication into which rumours are runners and which are better served to train your puppy on.

We’re not always serious at EPL Talk though, and after 40 odd minutes of chat, we need just a bit of Suarez Menu to keep us energised. Thought of one you haven’t heard? Drop it in the comments, it would be rude to turn up to the party without something.

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