If this weekend has taught football anything…it is not to write anyone off. Lesson learnt as Chelsea underestimated their London counterparts and came away with more questions than answers. Arsenal fans should be proud of their team, but the pod ask if every week will be like this for Arsene Wenger and his Captain Vantastic.

John Terry has made a name for himself, what do you think of him? We discuss his actions and if they make him racist or merely part of a much wider network which makes up British football right now. Discrimination still exists but in what capacity and how do we confront that?

Northern teams also kicked a ball this weekend. We look at their progress. Noisy neighbours and discontented old men make comments which they shouldn’t and end up offending us all as both United and City get a win.

The relegation candidates have also made a case for their salvation, but some monstrous sides have let them down in recent weeks. Have referees served Blackburn well or condemned them to relegation? Are Wigan strong enough up front to survive?

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