Ben Foster, the goalkeeper who played heroics last season in the Conference League, announced his retirement from professional soccer. This comes after just four appearances in Wrexham’s fledgling 2023/24 season. The Red Dragons returned to the English Football League after a historic run at automatic promotion last campaign to League Two.

Ben Foster revealed his retirement not long after an enthralling 5-5 draw against Swindon Town on Saturday. Even though Wrexham clawed back for a draw, the side conceded five goals. In Foster’s previous three games, he allowed a combined eight goals. The main chunk of that was the five goals allowed against MK Dons in the league-opening fixture.

At the age of 40, Foster came out of retirement last season to help answer the goalkeeper injury crisis at the Racecourse Ground. Overall, he made 12 appearances with Wrexham. Speaking after the Swindon Town game, Foster said he has not been playing up to par this season. Consequently, retirement seemed the most appropriate thing.

“The honest truth is that my performances this season haven’t reached the level I demand of myself and I feel that now is the right time to retire,” Foster said. “At the forefront of my mind when making this decision, was not only what was best for me but also the Club, and making the decision now gives the Club every opportunity to assess their options before the window closes. Wrexham will always have a special place in my heart.”

Ben Foster retirement at Wrexham ensures status at club

Even if the former England National Team goalkeeper has not been playing at his usual form, his retirement still leaves a strong legacy with the Welsh club. Last season, when Wrexham was in a heated title race with Notts County, Ben Foster delivered one of the greatest soccer moments of all time. Leading in a figurative league decider, Foster denied a Notts County penalty to ensure a Wrexham win.

Wrexham still has Rob Lainton and Mark Howard, and it signed Luke McNicholas on loan from Sligo Rovers until January. Lainton was the starter last season before an injury required Foster’s arrival. However, it was Howard who played between the sticks for Wrexham this season. He featured in its League Cup first-round shootout win over Wigan Athletic.