In what was a simply astounding fixture, Wrexham regained the lead in the National League table with a dramatic win over Notts County. With mounting anticipation for this game, the two record-breaking teams at the top of the National League table delivered. Stunning goals and one of the most calamitous finishes you can see yielded a 3-2 win in favor of Wrexham. As a result, the club has a clear path for promotion back into the Football League.

A somewhat tame first half was not a precursor to the remainder of the game. After all, it took more than 45 minutes to open the scoring. A superb free kick from Notts County’s John Bostock curled past a diving Ben Foster in net. The goal, scored in the fourth of three added minutes, stunned the Racecourse Ground. Notts County, which practically needed a win in Wales, took the lead with the last kick of the first half. And, what a way to do it.

While the first half had a shortage of scoring, the second 45 was very different.

Wrexham and Notts County go back and forth in second half

Paul Mullin, Wrexham’s top scorer this season, found an equalizer just three minutes into the second half. A ball played in towards the penalty spot fell to either Mullin or Notts defender Geraldo Bajrami. Mullin shrugged off Bajrami, and shot the ball home beyond Notts County goalkeeper Sam Slocombe.

Twenty minutes later, Wrexham found an advantage. This time, Mullin turned provider, playing a ball across the face of goal towards a waiting Jacob Mendy. The Gambian met the cross with venom, tucking the ball across Slocomb’s net.

However, Notts County found an equalizer of its own. Six minutes after Mendy provided Wrexham’s goal, Kyle Cameron silenced the Racecourse with a diving header beyond Ben Foster. Cameron, the Notts County captain, was unmarked by Wrexham defenders, and he wheeled away in celebration as the game, and the table, were level.

Then, capping off a three-goal frenzy in eight minutes, Wrexham went back on top. After Bajrami ineffectively dealt with a cross, the ball landed at the feet of Mullin. Rather than shooting, though, Mullin set up Elliot Lee, who passed home Wrexham’s third. It was Mullin’s second assist, and Wrexham regained the lead for the hosts.

Ben Foster the hero for Wrexham

While Mullin’s goal and two assists won him man of the match honors, the hero of the day for the Red Dragons was its newest player. Oddly, it was also the club’s oldest player. Ben Foster, who arrived as an emergency goalkeeper following an injury to traditional starter Rob Lainton, faced a defining moment in a historic season for the club.

Once again, Notts County had a set piece beyond the established added tune. Notts County’s Cedwyn Scott stepped up to level the game from the penalty spot, and keep Notts County in the title race. His shot down to the left met the reaching hand of Foster, and the ball went wide. Wrexham cleared it out for a corner and successfully defended that.

The Racecourse and the Wrexham players exploded into celebration. Wrexham now has a three-point gap on Notts County at the top of the table. Plus, Wrexham has a game in hand. If it can hold on through the last five games of the season, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney will have the side back in the Football League.