The anticipation for Wrexham against Notts County could not be greater. Two historically talented teams are taking the National League season down to the wire. Only one gets an automatic spot in the Football League. For Notts County, it would be a return to the Football League for the first time since the 2018/19 campaign. Wrexham’s wait, though, is even longer. The last time Wrexham competed in the Football League was the 2007/08 season.

The two battle on Monday, April 10, at 10 AM ET. A Wrexham win would create a potential six-point gap over Notts County, depending on what happens in the lead-up game. However, if County can win at the Racecourse Ground, the title race heats up exponentially. The final four games for Notts County and five games for Wrexham would be a battle through until the end of the regular season on April 29.

In the National League, only the first place finisher is automatically promoted. In the Championship, League One and League Two, either three or four teams are promoted. In fact, in each of those, the top two teams are automatically promoted. However, in the National League, only the league champions get an automatic spot. As of now, Wrexham holds that spot. However, one of its losses this season came at Notts County on October 4. That was the last time Wrexham lost a game, picking up 23 wins and five draws over the next 28 games.

Notts County, which is in second, would enter a playoff with the five teams beneath it. For reference, there is a 25-point gap between Notts County and third-place Woking. County could still win that playoff, but the pressure could mount in a one-off contest. That is what happened last season, as County lost in the playoffs eliminator.

Anticipation increasing as Wrexham hosts Notts County

Presently, both teams are on fantastic seasons. Both clubs are on pace to smash National League records, and some are already broken. Both clubs broke the long-standing National League record for goals. It is increasingly likely that the two will also break records for wins and points in a season. In fact, Wrexham is already at the current record for wins, and Notts County is only two behind it.

Of course, only one team can win this game. It is not a title-clinching scenario for either team. But, it would set the right path. Fortunately, the growing contingent of Wrexham fans in the United States, or even the Notts County supporters, can watch this game.

It is perhaps the biggest National League game in history, and certainly over recent seasons. National League TV is broadcasting the match on Monday at 10 a.m. ET.

Just before this, Wrexham has a tune-up against Halifax Town on Good Friday. Hoping that the title is well within reach, the Red Dragons expect over 5,000 of their supporters will travel to stand in the away end against Halifax.