Significant Video Assistant Referee (VAR) decisions will reportedly be explained on a microphone during the upcoming Women’s World Cup. Sources at ESPN claim that FIFA has made the move to help fans better understand major decisions. This includes both the fans inside the stadium, as well as those watching along on TV at home.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) previously revealed that they would begin to make these announcements during tournaments. This first started to occur at the most recent FIFA Club World Cup and the U20 World Cup. After seeing success at these competitions, the governing body of the sport will now use the VAR process at the Women’s World Cup.

FIFA referee chief cites inspiration from NFL on VAR at Women’s World Cup

“We decided to have this trial because we received some requests to make the decision taken by the referee after a VAR intervention more understandable for all the football stakeholders, namely the spectators at the stadium, or in front of the television,” Pierluigi Collina, chairman of FIFA’s referee committee, stated back in February.

Collina also referenced the National Football League here in the United States. The NFL introduced the idea of referees explaining decisions on microphone decades ago. These game officials help clarify significant calls so there is no confusion for on-looking spectators. NFL fans would now find it increasingly difficult to follow a game without these referee explanations.

Captains to wear specialized armbands at tournament

Along with making the notable refereeing adjustment, FIFA officially addressed captain armbands. There has been a seemingly constant back-and-forth discussion between teams and the governing body regarding these armbands. FIFA has banned rainbow armbands signifying diversity and respect at major tournaments. FIFA has instead opted for other alternatives despite claims that they would allow them at the Women’s World Cup.

The governing body will allow team captains of the upcoming competition to choose between eight different specialized armbands. These armbands feature nods to separate social causes. This includes inclusion, equality, anti-violence, and ending hunger, among others. The 2023 Women’s World Cup will start on July 20th, with Australia and New Zealand hosting the competition.


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