FIFA officially announced players participating in the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand will not be allowed to wear the rainbow armband. The captain’s band is in support of LGBTQ+ rights. Instead, they will have the choice to wear one of eight alternative armbands provided by FIFA. Each of those represents various social causes.

This ruling maintains the existing regulations from the men’s World Cup in Qatar. Breaching the rules could lead to sanctions. Teams have the opportunity to select from FIFA-sanctioned armbands. These highlight different social causes. But, the rainbow armband and the OneLove armband are still not allowed.

During the men’s World Cup in Qatar, England, Wales, and several other European nations decided against wearing rainbow OneLove armbands. The world governing body stated captains could face bookings or potential removal from the pitch.

FIFA offers Women’s World Cup armband alternatives

FIFA consulted the 32 teams, players and UN organizations to choose the themes for the Women’s World Cup armbands.

The phrases for armbands include ‘Football is Joy, Peace, Love, Hope, and Passion. Then, there some options are ‘Unite for Inclusion, Indigenous Peoples, Gender Equality, Education for All, Zero and Ending Violence Against Women are just some of the phrases on the armbands.

Gianni Infantino explains decision in statement

Gianni Infantino, president of Fifa, issued a statement in which he explained the association’s decision. “Football unites the world and our global events, such as the Fifa Women’s World Cup, have a unique power to bring people together and provide joy, excitement and passion. But football does even more than that – it can shine the spotlight on very important causes in our society.

“After some very open talks with stakeholders, including member associations and players, we have decided to highlight a series of social causes – from inclusion to gender equality, from peace to ending hunger, from education to tackling domestic violence – during all 64 matches at the Fifa Women’s World Cup.”


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