The number of players to move to the Saudi Pro League this summer could easily form an elite all-star team solely with foreign players. What is impressive is that many of these transfers are not super expensive. While the rumors of Kylian Mbappe would cost Al-Hilal around $330 million, many of the other moves were no more than $50 million. In the modern market, that is fairly inexpensive given the stature of these stars.

Prior to this summer, the league already had some talent. Namely, Cristiano Ronaldo was the highlight name in the league. His move to Al-Nassr after his falling out with Manchester United set a precedent. Stars could make the move to the Saudi Pro League, and get paid far more than they would in Europe. Therefore, it was a lucrative offer for many players at the end of their careers.

However, the Saudi Pro League also dipped into some younger stars. For example, Ruben Neves, at the age of 26, switched from the Premier League and Wolves to the Saudi Pro League. Clubs like Manchester United or Barcelona coveted the Portuguese.

The fact of the matter remains, some of the moves the Saudi Pro League has made are locked in. Others are merely rumors. Still, they pose the thought of what the league’s best XI could look like if some of those details came to fruition.

Saudi Pro League all-star team

The only shortage of ample foreign position players in the Saudi Pro League is on defense. Kalidou Koulibaly is a highlight name, even if he flopped in his lone season at Stamford Bridge. Manchester United supporters will have mixed feelings about Alex Telles, who had ups and downs at Old Trafford.

However, forwards and midfielders are clearly the money-makers and money-demanders of the league. As a result, there is some major consideration to have on that side of the team sheet. Few can argue over the addition of Benzema and Ronaldo in the squad. Then, Kylian Mbappe, while still a rumor with the potential to go to Saudi Arabia, would start in any team he is a part of. So, he makes the cut. This leaves out players like Roberto Firmino, though, who has a great career record.

With the inclusion of rumors in the league, there is an impressive quantity of options in the midfield. Each of the three in the fictional starting XI is an official move to the Saudi Pro League. Then, the names on the bench include some of those hypothetical moves. Hakim Ziyech, Bernardo Silva, Saul, Paul Pogba and Riyad Mahrez are all top talents that could be on their way to Saudi Arabia.

One of the top young managers in the world, Marco Silva, is also on the rumor mill of moving to Saudi Arabia for loads of money. He would be a nice touch to manage a dream team like this.

Who makes your squad?

There seem to be new rumors every day of players making the jump over to Saudi Arabia. Just this week, the Kylian Mbappe rumors dominated the headlines with his monumental offer to join Al-Hilal. The same goes for Sadio Mane, who could be moving to the league after a disappointing season with Bayern Munich.

Given the constant change in who could be in the all-star team for the Saudi Pro League, what players would be in your starting XI of foreign players?