Brentford owner Matthew Benham welcomes potential investment into the club. Benham previously became involved in the Premier League side back in 2007 when he was initially known only as a “mystery investor.” However, the British businessman eventually took over as majority owner five years later.

Following the takeover, Benham quickly purchased land and promised to build the team a new stadium. He fulfilled this pledge several years later when the Brentford Community Stadium opened in 2020. Brentford moved on from a 116-year-old historic arena to the state-of-the-art new stadium.

With the new stadium, Brentford has managed to move up multiple tiers in the English soccer system. The Bees were featured in League One when Benham became majority owner. The club was then promoted to the Championship following the 2013/14 campaign. It was their first campaign in the second tier in 21 years. Brentford then moved up to the Premier League for the first time ever in 2021.

Benham unsure whether to sell the entire club or just a minority stake

Despite beginning his investment in Brentford with a few million dollars, the club is now valued at around $500 million. As a result, Benham is now reportedly inviting others to invest in the club. Sky Sports is claiming that the businessman has hired financial experts at Rothschild to supervise the potential sale of the sale.

According to the news outlet, Benham is not yet certain about the scale of the investment opportunity. He could very well welcome minority US investors or sell a majority share of Brentford. However, Benham would prefer to remain as a minority owner if he offloads a controlling stake in the club.

An official statement of the club back in December hinted that outside investment opportunities would be “carefully explored” by Benham. “Given the recent rise and growth of our club and the changing shareholder landscape within the Premier League, it’s no surprise that there has been interest in investment opportunities at Brentford FC,” read the statement.

“While Matthew Benham’s commitment to the club remains as strong as it ever was, it is only natural, and perhaps even essential, for us to carefully explore what new investment could potentially mean for the future of Brentford FC.”

“We must not stand still, and we remain absolutely determined to safeguard the long-term future of Brentford FC and to remain competitive in the world’s most challenging and successful league.”

US investors are flocking to English soccer, Brentford the latest

It is not surprising to see investors from the United States expressing interest in a club like Brentford. After all, a recent report claims that Americans now have a role in 37% of all English professional soccer clubs. These investors are targeting English teams rather than clubs from Major League Soccer for multiple reasons.

The current expansion price to obtain a new North American club is now around $500 million. This is the same price as an existing Premier League side such as Brentford. The Bees have only played three seasons in the top flight. Yet, most see the London club as a top-quality side. The English team has a new stadium as well.

Premier League clubs also top every financial soccer list there is. Other top teams from across Europe take hits here and there, and the English top flight only continues to grow. A recent report suggests that six of the top 10 most valuable soccer brands in the world come from the Premier League.