UEFA will soon make their final decision on hosts for the 2028 Euros. The governing body of the sport in Europe must choose either Turkey or a conglomerate that includes England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Sky Sports reports UEFA will pick the UK/Ireland bid. As a result, Turkey would then turn its attention to hosting the 2032 tournament. The ultimate decision and unveiling of the 2028 and 2032 Euros comes on Tuesday, October 10th.

Qualification of 5 host nations for UEFA Euro 2028 could get messy

Although the five nations will potentially host the 2028 tournament, there are still some issues to iron out. Under current UEFA rules, hosts automatically qualify for the tournament. In instances with multiple host nations, only two countries are given automatic qualifying places in the group stage of the competition.

As a result, all five countries are expected to go through the qualifying phase of the 2028 tournament. This comes down to the impossible nature of selecting the two automatic bids. However, the final breakdown of which teams play at the competition is still up in the air.

UEFA ‘uncomfortable’ with failed qualifying teams at 2028 Euros

The host nations could go through the qualifying process and wait to use those two automatic places on countries that did not make the final tournament. For instance, if England, Wales, and Scotland qualify for the 2028 Euros through the process, Ireland and Northern Ireland may receive automatic bids. This could potentially see all five nations at the 2028 Euros.

Nevertheless, this process needs UEFA approval. The aforementioned news outlet reports that the governing body is “uncomfortable” with this scenario. UEFA does not like the idea of teams failing in the qualification process and then featuring in the tournament.

Things could then even get messier if more than two host nations do not qualify for the competition. However, The UK/Ireland bid is not exactly a done deal. UEFA is insisting that the quintet and Turkey both submit full proposals at the meeting next week.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Poolfoto.