Former German footballer Didi Hamann has openly criticized Thomas Tuchel’s performance as the head coach of Bayern Munich, referring to it as a “disastrous” experience.

This scathing review comes after Bayern‘s shocking 3-0 loss to RB Leipzig in the German Super Cup, extinguishing Harry Kane‘s dream of securing a trophy with his new team during his debut match at Allianz Arena.

The excitement surrounding Kane’s move to Bayern was immense, as evidenced by the rapid sales of his jerseys at the club shop, which surpassed the daily sales target nine hours early after he joined for $127 million.

However, the on-field performance of Bayern was highly disappointing, contrasting starkly with the off-field enthusiasm.

Hamann doesn’t hold back on Thomas Tuchel

Despite securing Bayern’s 11th consecutive league title on the final day of the last season, Tuchel finds himself under intense scrutiny just 13 games into his tenure. His leadership at Bayern has been marked by unexpected challenges.

These include elimination from the UEFA Champions League and a close shave with the Bundesliga title. The 3-0 loss to Leipzig has further increased the pressure on Tuchel, leading to Hamann’s damning assessment.

“His record since he’s been in Munich has been disastrous. You need guidance. Two weeks ago he denied Kimmich the ability to play in the position he played in yesterday. Bayern did not show unity. Leipzig were hungrier.

‘There can only be two reasons why it isn’t working. First: The team is divided within. Second: Or the team has a problem with the coach. The fact that Tuchel pilloried the team was definitely not well received there,” Hamann told BILD.

What is Tuchel’s record at Bayern?

Hamann also expressed concern about Tuchel’s handling of player positions, such as denying Kimmich his preferred role, which was later changed. This, combined with Leipzig’s greater hunger for victory, created a potent cocktail of failure for Bayern.

Tuchel’s record at Germany’s most celebrated club has been mixed, with six wins, two draws, and five losses.

He expressed his disappointment and even apologized to Kane following the defeat. Kane’s brief appearance as a 63rd-minute substitute wearing the No. 9 shirt made little difference, revealing Bayern’s need for a potent striker.

Photo credit: IMAGO / Laci Perenyi