It has been widely rumored that Jose Mourinho, for his future management position, may end up in the same league he hinted at in 2011.

The Serie A club Roma showed the ‘Special One’ the exit doors on Tuesday. Bad results have led to his dismissal from four teams in a row.

The clubs in question were in the following league standings when he was let go: Chelsea (16th), Manchester United (sixth), Tottenham (seventh), and Roma (ninth). Unfortunately, the gleaming silverware he had won at three of them ended up in a smoking heap of debris.

Recent rumors have since linked him to the lucrative Saudi Pro League or one of the European top sides. It would not be shocking, however, if the former Real Madrid manager moved to Major League Soccer.

Where could Mourinho end up in MLS?

Fans in the US might become quite excited about a transfer and for a good cause. Several high-profile players have joined Inter Miami and other MLS teams in recent years.

But the hiring of a club’s manager might make them stand apart. The firing by the Italian giants has opened the door to a transfer to the United States. American journalist Mark Ogden has said as much, and he has also mentioned the two LA clubs as potential locations.

“Having covered Man United when he was there and spent a couple of summers in the US with them, he absolutely loves Los Angeles”, he told ESPN.

“Jose loved being in LA, so Jose Mourinho for MLS might actually be a thing if either of the LA clubs [Galaxy of LA FC] were to be ambitious enough to say ‘Jose would you come to MLS’ I think it would be something he would consider.

“We know he loves the celebrity and what a place to be. Jose Mourinho and Hollywood, it would be great, but I think he needs a new challenge now. However, a challenge that isn’t going to be difficult for him. If he went to MLS, he would be box office news and front-page news, and he would love that.

“If he goes to Europe that ain’t going to happen. Saudi Arabia, yeah, he could go for the money, but we’ve seen with Jordan Henderson leaving Saudi and rumors about Benzema and Firmino that players and coaches aren’t really happy there.

“I think Jose could take a bit of a step back and think ‘if there’s a bit of an opportunity in the MLS, especially if it’s in LA,’ he’d take it.”

What did Mourinho say about MLS move a decade ago?

In 2011, while managing Real Madrid, the Portuguese expressed a desire to go to the United States.

“I see myself coaching a [club] team, coaching the national team, or helping develop soccer in the US,” Mourinho said at the time. “When I’m tired of winning things in Europe, it’s something I want to do. I want to coach the Portuguese national team and I want to work in the United States.

“I love the United States. The people have a very open mentality. Everybody is the same. Status doesn’t count a lot. I like it very much in this way.”