As far as soccer is concerned, Paris Saint-German is prepared to give Kylian Mbappe an unprecedented offer.

The fate of Kylian Mbappe is still up in the air. His current contract is up in six months, and many are wondering what he will do next. He may now formally approach teams outside of France about a pre-contract.

Many believe Real Madrid and Liverpool to be the best options. Yet, Paris Saint-German is holding out hope that they can retain his services. The French international received an unprecedented offer for a new contract, according to the latest reports.

PSG makes deal offer to Mbappe that goes beyond player

French media commentator Daniel Riolo claims that the Parisians are ready to make a record-breaking bid to Kylian Mbappe. This is information that Riolo presented on the After Foot program.

He went on to say that no other club has come close to matching the incredible offer for Mbappe, which exceeds $108 million every season. Everyone in Mbappe’s family, including his brother, stands to gain from this deal.

“In this story with Mbappe, we have to keep things clear. On the one hand, we have an offer for him from ancient Rome, ancient Greece and the pyramids of Egypt delivered to a player. Something never seen before. It far exceeds 100 million (euros) per season.

“Something that no club will ever be able to match. It will have benefits for the brother, for the family, for everyone… for the player agency that the mother wants to create. Frankly, it is something incredible.

“On the other hand, we have something that is, I was going to say normal, to say that it is normal when we talk about Real Madrid… So, it is a normal salary for soccer stars.

“Let’s talk about 30 million (euros) and maybe a little more. And he is not the king of the club. They will basically bring him back to Earth. Mbappe is in the middle, and he has to choose between that. The data is there. If it’s money…”

Real Madrid’s level of interest changes

It has been claimed that there is a subtle belief that the Frenchman may decide to remain in the capital.

Both PSG and Real Madrid have transformed. The Spanish club is not as eager to sign him now and isn’t willing to pay the same amount they promised. Instead, the amount is within his current club’s reach.

Judas Bellingham’s tremendous influence has been a game-changer for Madrid. The local media and supporters now have less of a soft spot for the 25-year-old since they think he has lied to the club several times about signing.

Some have even gone as far as to say that the ex-Monaco man should now be the one to pursue a move to Santiago Bernabeu. Meanwhile, as expected, Luis Enrique’s side is keen on having Mbappe spearhead their revamped team. However, without him, things wouldn’t be as disastrous.

No longer is winning the Champions League the primary goal of the Ligue 1 winners as they begin the rebuilding process. Plus, the players’ influence is less compared to earlier eras, especially with Messi and Neymar’s exits.