Premier League officials are contemplating a historic change that would usher in a new era of VAR in soccer. Officials in the Premier League would supposedly explain VAR decisions to spectators during gameplay.

President Howard Webb of PGMOL is leading the charge on this project. It seeks to restore faith in the league’s officials by bringing them closer to the fans and encouraging open communication.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has been testing this method for the last 12 months in many world leagues. This includes club games in Portugal and Mexico and the Premier League is the next stop.

Now that this method has already been trialed, the adaptation period seems to have come to an end. The beautiful game is now more confident and clearer than ever before.

The Daily Mail reports that IFAB will confirm the implementation of the rule before their March general meeting. At their June meeting, the English teams will have to decide whether to use the new procedure.

New Premier League VAR rule change already trialed in other nations

Club World Cup official Anthony Taylor, who is a regular in the Premier League, utilized the method in January 2023. Afterward, it expanded to include the Under-20 World Cup. As well as the Women’s World Cup, and several club leagues worldwide.

So far, the VAR operators’ discussions have been under wraps. But now, during games, officials would have to wear microphones. Following a video assistant referee review, they would communicate using a speaker to update the stadium crowd on the outcome.

As a result, fans may no longer be left bewildered, but rather nodding in agreement or engaging in passionate, educated conversation.

What does it mean for soccer?

Previous statements from Howard Webb indicate a great desire to increase openness on VAR and clarify the technology for those attending matches. If the new regulation starts as planned next season, it would be a huge step in the right direction.

“We’re doing everything we can to be as transparent as we can,” he said in April 2023. “We’re going to do everything we can to draw the curtain back, we’re going to do some stuff post-game that’s not been done before fairly soon and then if we can do stuff in-game we’ll do it.

“We’ll see what we can do post-game, even in-game with the stadium audience, that’s certainly my intention and hopefully you’ll see some developments in the coming weeks.”

The sporting world is waiting impatiently, but in the meantime, we should all take stock of this innovation’s promise. It claims to strengthen the connection between the on-field drama and its devoted fans. It would make sure that every time VAR steps in, it is accompanied by understanding.

As participants and supporters of our cherished sport, we are ready to embrace a new era of cooperation and mutual appreciation. Webb’s optimistic tone only hints at that. Certainly, the world of soccer refereeing will undergo profound changes shortly.