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/ 2 days ago

FIFA to trial future VAR replacement in youth soccer

In a new challenge system tested in soccer, managers may now wave their finger in the air to start a video review of a referee's call. Sports like cricket and tennis already have this feature. Now FIFA has implemented a new challenge mechanism for trials. Football Video Support, also known as FVS, is a less […]


/ 19 days ago

PGMOL targets VAR change in Premier League next season

Following video assistant referee intervention, Premier League fans may finally find out next season why officials have altered their minds. PGMOL has suggested a significant modification to the VAR system. As things are, spectators have no idea why referees consult the pitchside monitor and then reverse their judgment. As a result, the Premier League officials […]


/ 27 days ago

Tim Howard backs VAR, says complaints occur with or without tech

Former United States men's national team goalkeeper Tim Howard has given his support for the use of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in soccer. The former star Everton shot-stopper even claimed that it is "low hanging fruit" to constantly complain about the technology. Howard made the comments in an article for Mail Sport. VAR has been […]

Leagues: EPL

/ 93 days ago

Premier League club hires ref analyst to help with VAR decisions

Nottingham Forest has taken a bold step forward by bringing in Mark Clattenburg to help them navigate the unpredictable world of soccer officiating. In elite-level refereeing, his name is almost a byword. The 48-year-old has a stellar 13-year Premier League career under his belt. He has also managed the complex dynamics of the Champions League […]

Leagues: EPL

/ 111 days ago

Premier League VAR rules undergo significant change for 2024-25

Premier League officials are contemplating a historic change that would usher in a new era of VAR in soccer. Officials in the Premier League would supposedly explain VAR decisions to spectators during gameplay. President Howard Webb of PGMOL is leading the charge on this project. It seeks to restore faith in the league's officials by […]


/ 118 days ago

Real Madrid's VAR leak prompts Spanish FA to file complaint

The new week has seen the continuation of the aftermath of Sunday's contentious match between Real Madrid and Almeria. It is because a VAR audio from two distinct events during the La Liga encounter went public without authorization. Against last-place Almeria at home last weekend in the Spanish league, Real Madrid almost avoided a humiliating […]

Leagues: EPL

/ 196 days ago

Premier League risks losing status if VAR changes aren't made

Every week, there is a new Video Assistant Referee (VAR) controversy. The debate regarding the protocol reached its pinnacle during a fiasco involving Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur in September. The Reds were wrongly denied a goal due to "human error" and ultimately lost the match. Following that, the latest VAR debacles occurred within the last […]

Leagues: EPL

/ 197 days ago

How VAR is ruining Premier League games

Is VAR ruining the Premier League? In a game that is so simple, VAR has made the sport more complicated. It has removed a lot of enjoyment from the game and has made it more tedious to watch when VAR gets involved. As such, hosts Kartik Krishnaiyer and Christopher Harris discuss how VAR is ruining […]

English Football

/ 199 days ago

English Championship is better because there's no VAR

Video Assistant Referee technology (VAR) has once again become a major talking point in a Premier League match. While many see it as the top league in the world, controversy regarding refereeing decisions regularly haunts the division. It did not take long for this to continue during matchday 11 of the schedule. Fulham hosted Manchester […]

FA Cup

/ 258 days ago

Which soccer leagues and cups don't use VAR?

As the technology becomes more widespread and available, more soccer leagues and cups adopt the video assistant referee, or VAR. This fifth official works behind the scenes to identify several infractions that may go unnoticed on the field. VAR works to address fouls. That can be a foul in the build-up to a goal or […]

SPFL to introduce VAR later this month

The Scottish Premiership, and select competitions across the SPFL, is bringing in VAR a couple of months ahead of schedule, the league announced on Wednesday. In a vote back in April, 41 out of 42 clubs voted to bring VAR to Scotland. They agreed that the change would come after the upcoming World Cup. However, […]