The VAR audio from Luis Diaz’s disallowed goal in Liverpool’s Premier League loss at Tottenham is now available for audiences to hear. The Professional Game Match Officials Board identified a significant human error in waving off the Colombian’s goal. Liverpool went on to lose that game at Tottenham, 2-1.

VAR audio shows the entire buildup to the goal. Immediately from the time Mohamed Salah played in Luis Diaz, the assistant referee said he was going to flag the play for offside. When Diaz scores, the referees initiate a quick VAR review. That is where things fall apart.

Video replay demonstrates Diaz was clearly onside. The VAR official says ‘check complete’ with the understanding the goal stood on the field. What he did not know was that the play was originally called offside. Therefore, by saying check complete, the on-field officials wave the game back on, and the goal never counts.

A calamitous scene transpires as the VAR officials recognize their mistake. They toss around a pair of explicit terms as they desperately try to find a way to award Diaz’s goal. However, by that time, there was nothing to be done. The game continued, and Liverpool would lose by a single goal.

Premier League VAR audio shows glaring issues

This debacle demonstrates the human error of VAR. No referee is perfect. However, for the time VAR takes, it is a frankly embarrassing look for something this simple to fall apart because of simple miscommunication. The Premier League denied the new semi-automated offside technology this season. This season and last, VAR made several headline mistakes that had key consequences.

Liverpool released a statement following the error that said it is exploring options to remedy this error. Understandably, the VAR officials’ grave error frustrated Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp.

“Nobody expects 100% right decisions but we thought when VAR came in it might make things easier,” Klopp told The Athletic. “The decision was made really quick, and it changed the momentum of the game. A similar situation occurred this season, between Wolves and Manchester United. Did Wolves get the points? It doesn’t matter.”

PHOTO: IMAGO / Colorsport.