The Premier League appears set to ban betting company logos as sponsors on the front of jerseys. A decision on the move was reportedly discussed at a meeting of English top flight clubs on Thursday. According to The Times, the ban should be agreed upon to avoid government intervention. The news outlet also claims that betting sponsors could be allowed to remain on shirt sleeves.

United Kingdom government officials are expecting to release a white paper on gambling in April. However, this report would not include betting sponsors on shirts if the league has already agreed to ban them.

Official vote may not happen until summer

Despite the fact that the topic was discussed at the Premier League meeting on Thursday, a final vote between the clubs may not officially take place until June. It is thought that a majority of teams would support the ban if a three-year transition period is implemented. This would give clubs time to see out current sponsorship contracts and eventually switch to non-betting companies.

There are currently eight Premier League clubs that have betting sponsors on the front of their jerseys. None of these teams are ‘Big Six’ clubs. While 40% of top flight teams have deals with gambling companies, some agreements are set to expire in June. This includes Newcastle’s deal with Fun88 and Fulham’s agreement with W88.

Here are the Premier League clubs that currently use betting sponsors on the front of their shirts.

West HamBetway

Brighton chairman backs ban on Premier League betting sponsors

Brighton & Hove chairman Tony Bloom previously agreed that Premier League clubs should ban betting sponsors on shirts. This is despite the fact that Bloom made his money from gambling.

“From a personal point of view, it’s really important to be aware of children seeing gambling or betting advertising on the shirt in particular, because they buy shirts,” Bloom stated last year.

“I don’t think having gambling sponsorship on shirts is good, but I understand that for some clubs, particularly clubs down the leagues with much less revenue, the gambling companies pay the best so it’s a difficult decision to turn them down. Although there is gambling advertising all around, I just think on the shirts it’s the most obvious, so that would give me the most concern.”

The UK government will not target a similar move to ban betting sponsors from English Football League clubs.

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