The signing of Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe remains a goal for Real Madrid. The Frenchman executed a surprising about-face in 2022.

He signed a three-year deal to remain at PSG, just as Los Blancos were on the verge of signing him. Things took another turn last summer when he informed the Parisians that he would be opting out of his contract in June. From this point on, he may negotiate with any team he wants.

After the season, the 25-year-old’s contract will expire, allowing him to immediately agree with another club. On the other hand, he hasn’t decided on his future just yet.

Lately, Mbappe has maintained that he has not yet settled on a future team: “I haven’t made my decision. I didn’t make a choice.

“But in any case, with the agreement I made with the president this summer, whatever my decision we managed to protect all the parties. And to preserve the serenity of the club for the challenges to come. Which is the most important? When will I decide? I do not know.”

Will Madrid go the same patch?

Even two years later, Los Blancos remain determined to sign the France captain. But ESPN reports that they will not be offering the Frenchman a massive deal like the one they offered in 2022.

Keeping their current salary structure is a top priority for the La Liga giants. Currently, Mbappe earns $40 million a season, so this would require him to accept a substantial salary reduction.

The Spanish, according to the source, are unwilling to pay Mbappe much more than other well-established talents like Vinicius and Jude Bellingham. The two make about $11.4 million net per season.

The major issue in European soccer over the last several years has been the superstar’s future. It would seem that the Whites’ star-studded roster would take a giant leap forward if the striker does eventually come.

Florentino Perez willing to sacrifice Vinicius to Premier League

Yet, SPORT reports that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has resolved to “sacrifice” by selling Vinicius if Mbappe joins the Bernabeu this summer. A little over two weeks have passed since Eduardo Inda said that Madrid contemplated selling the winger.

The director of the very famous El Chiringuito de Jugones show on OK Diario explained then: “If Mbappe comes, someone will have to leave because we have to make money … I’ve always said that there’s a big candidate to be sold and there’s information [on that].

“You have to sell to someone … I’m talking about Vinicius. If Mbappe were to come, someone has to leave and a player for whom you would receive a lot of money is the Brazilian.”

To make FFP work and pay Mbappe’s wage, the La Liga giants must sell a famous player. Meanwhile, the Catalan newspaper asserts that the decision was also influenced by football considerations.

This is due to the idea that having Vinicius and Mbappe play on the same left flank makes them “incompatible” on the field. All this even though the Frenchman can certainly fill in as a central attacker if needed.

The Brazilian star has been embroiled in a never-ending controversy, often clashing with opposing members and their supporters. The report further claims that Perez has cause to hunt for a way to get rid of him.

The Sun reports that Manchester United are reportedly considering a high-profile summer transfer for the 23-year-old, so this would be good news for them.