Comcast and Paramount have held discussions about potentially joining forces together. According to The Wall Street Journal, the potential joint venture would revolve around the streaming services of the two companies. The merger could eventually see Peacock and Paramount+ move under the same roof.

Peacock is currently Comcast’s over-the-top video streaming service. The app, according to recent data, is now the seventh-most popular service of its kind in the United States. The Premier League currently headlines Peacock’s sports coverage. However, the streaming service also regularly broadcasts National Football League games, IndyCar races, and other sports content.

Paramount+ also ranks highly among users in America. The service now has 63 million total subscribers Stateside, good enough for the fifth spot in the streaming wars. Much like Peacock, Paramount+ also relies heavily on soccer in their sports coverage. UEFA’s Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League can currently be found on the app.

The potential partnership would help rival newly formed streaming collaboration

News of the possible merger comes as other streaming services recently announced another partnership. It was revealed earlier this week that ESPN, FOX, and WarnerBros Discovery will soon team up to create a single standalone app. The trio is expected to officially join forces later this year. FOX is the only company in the group that does not have an official direct-to-consumer streaming app.

Once partnered, the streaming service will feature thousands of live sporting events all in one place. This includes soccer matches from all over the globe. The upcoming FIFA 2026 World Cup would be a marquee inclusion of the soon-to-be-released app.

However, other top leagues such as LaLiga, Bundesliga, and choice MLS games will also hit the service as well. The new app would become the new home of the USMNT and USWNT as well. U.S. Soccer previously signed an eight-year deal with Turner Sports, an offshoot of WarnerBros Discovery nearly two years ago. These matches are currently available on TBS, TNT, and Max.

Potential Peacock and Paramount+ merger helps companies and subscribers

Companies are opting to merge their streaming services for multiple reasons. First of all, partnering with each other helps bring down costs. After the merger, each specific company can spend far less on marketing and other business expenses.

The two sides can also capitalize on the strengths of each other moving forward. Every streaming service has specific strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their catalogs.

These companies can find a potential partner to help boost themselves in an area where they currently have a weakness. In turn, users also get to benefit from having expanded accessible content all on one app. This is particularly the case for sports fans.

Pricing plans for the upcoming ESPN, FOX, and WarnerBros Discovery app are unavailable. However, the specialized streaming service will cost more than the average price of one single app. Potential fees on the Peacock and Paramount+, likewise, are unclear.