Inter Miami is continuing to man the headlines of MLS transfers as it zeroes in on Sergio Ramos. The former Real Madrid and PSG defender is currently out of a contract. He could be following in the same footsteps of Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets at Inter Miami.

Sport reports that both Ramos and Jordi Alba are on the verge of signing with the MLS club. Whereas Alba was ready to leave Barcelona, Ramos wanted to extend with PSG. However, the club wanted to begin a new phase, leaving the Spaniard out of a contract. Now, that leaves Ramos with options like Sevilla. Or, of course, Inter Miami, which is assembling a hefty dose of those who spent time in LaLiga.

Ramos does not just have a connection with Lionel Messi from their PSG days. In addition a many games against one another in El Clasico, Ramos teamed up with Alba and Busquets frequently with the Spanish national team. Those three were regular starters for over a decade. The three won Euro 2012, and Busquets and Ramos both started the 2010 World Cup Final that Spain won.

Ramos also has a connection with David Beckham, one of the owners of Inter Miami who is surely playing a role in luring over Ramos. The two spent two seasons together at Real Madrid.

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Busquets and Messi are locked in for Inter Miami. Plus, former Barcelona manager Tata Martino is taking over as manager. Adding Sergio Ramos and Jordi Alba would certainly add to the craze of Inter Miami. Tickets continue to balloon in price ahead of a potential debut for the players on July 21 against Cruz Azul.

Inter Miami targets Sergio Ramos as newest signing

Inter Miami is already paying up for Messi, and it may have to jump through some hoops to land all four of these European stars. However, it would be a monumental summer to land four of the world’s top players at one point or another.

There is one concern over the aging of the squad. Ramos would be the oldest of the four at the age of 37. Messi just turned 36 while Alba and Busquets are both 34. This does harken back to the ‘retirement’ stigma of Major League Soccer. However, these four players performed at strong levels last season in their respective competitions.

PHOTO: IMAGO / PanoramiC