Jesse Marsch is enjoying his time away from the pitch despite interest from several clubs, including some in Major League Soccer. The former RB Leipzig and Leeds United manager was fired by the English club back in February and has taken his time looking for another coaching job. For now, the American has been contributing as a Champions League analyst for CBS Sports. He also even started a podcast with the network as well.

It is not like Marsch is not receiving interest from clubs worldwide. Both Leicester and Southampton previously contacted the coach earlier in the year. During a recent interview with Mail Sport, Marsch even acknowledged that he has held “a lot of discussions” with teams. This list of suitors includes Saudi Pro League clubs.

Marsch discusses the main issue with Major League Soccer

One area, however, where it seems to be quiet regarding Marsch is back home in the United States. The Wisconsin native previously played in Major League Soccer and coached two teams in the division. Nevertheless, Marsch seems happy living in Italy at the moment and wants to continue coaching in Europe.

Despite his resistance to moving back Stateside, Marsch was asked about MLS in the aforementioned interview. Marsch stated that Messi’s arrival has certainly helped the North American league. He even claimed to see Inter Miami Messi jerseys in Italy. However, the coach also said that MLS has a challenging hurdle in order to significantly grow.

“The biggest challenge for MLS is not the fans, is not the investment. It’s not the level of play. It’s geographic in many ways – [it’s] a big world apart from where we are here in Europe,” stated Marsch. “[But] I think that people and players and coaches and everyone in football is realizing that the league is coming alive.”

Messi mania sent shockwaves through the United States when the superstar officially signed with Miami this past summer. Tickets and jersey sales spiked as the Argentine became the undeniable face of the league. However, Miami’s failure to make the MLS playoffs cut off the fascination far too short. MLS will be hoping that Messi can pick back up where he left off heading into 2024.

American claims to be better coach because of break

Along with discussing MLS, Marsch also touched on how his break from the sidelines has helped his career. The American insists that he is using the sabbatical to recharge and find the perfect opportunity going forward. He even claimed that he is now a better coach than he was a year ago.

“To have a break, where I can recharge, dedicate myself to the things that are important in my life, so that I make sure when I get back in then I’m fully ready in every way,” continued the coach. “I think has been really good and really important for me.”

“Where I stand, I’m better – I’m a better person, I’m a better coach then I was when I first went to Leeds.”

Wherever Marsch eventually ends up next, it certainly seems as if he is holding out for a Premier League or Italian Serie A job.