Multiple politicians and officials are taking aim at Manchester United and how the club has dealt with the Mason Greenwood situation. On Friday, The Athletic published a story detailing the club’s preparedness to deal with critics. Moreover, the club divided people into three groups: ‘supportive,’ ‘open-minded’ and ‘hostile.’ For example, the club laid out specific answers for Erik ten Hag to say to reporters questioning the decision.

As part of the ‘hostile’ grouping, Manchester United listed individual football pundits, journalists and politicians. Also, United included domestic abuse charities in the ‘hostile’ grouping. Unsurprisingly, the possibility of bringing Greenwood back into the fold brought some of these hostile groups into the conversation.

The response Manchester United received for even considering bringing back Mason Greenwood has been intense in August. Starting out, fans have claimed they will drop their fandom of the club if Mason Greenwood walks back on the field.

The Athletic that some of the employees within the club are ashamed of this. They threatened to leave if Greenwood returns as a player. Others explored the possibility of a strike if United’s plan comes to fruition.

Manchester United nearing decision on Mason Greenwood

Manchester United revealed that it concluded its investigation. Now, it is nearing a decision on what to do with Mason Greenwood. Part of that investigation was internal, too. The club interviewed members of the Manchester United Women’s team to get their perspective. Some of those players are still at the Women’s World Cup with England.

The Crown Prosecution Service dropped all charges after it decided a conviction could not be made. Then, Manchester United’s investigation led the club to consider the player and the victim.

“Throughout this process, the welfare and perspective of the alleged victim has been central to the club’s inquiries, and we respect her right to lifelong anonymity,” the club’s statement said. “We also have responsibilities to Mason as an employee, as a young person who has been with the club since the age of seven, and as a new father with a partner.

Eventually, the club’s decision will come down to Chief Executive Officer Richard Arnold.

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