Inter Miami is turning into a traveling team for its preseason games ahead of the 2024 MLS campaign. Teams from across the globe are trying to get their hands on a contest against Lionel Messi as his career winds down. Therefore, over the next two months, Lionel Messi and Inter Miami are playing games in five countries against seven teams.

Inter Miami already knows its first game of the 2024 MLS season is on Feb. 21 against Real Salt Lake. Therefore, it has 44 days before the season begins. Seven games in that span is far more than the other teams in Major League Soccer. Moreover, no team is traveling near as much as Inter Miami nor playing the same quality of opposition.

The schedule starts on January 19. Inter Miami is playing the El Salvador national team in El Salvador. Three days later, Inter Miami returns to the United States to play its only game against MLS opposition. FC Dallas is hosting Inter Miami as part of its preseason schedule.

Then, Inter Miami makes its way to Asia for a four-game set. Lionel Messi is battling Cristiano Ronaldo for what could be the last time when Inter Miami faces Al Nassr. That game, set for Feb. 1, is three days after Inter Miami is playing Al Hilal, one of the other giants of the Saudi Pro League. There is then the long flight to Hong Kong to play a combined XI of players in the area. Messi then has a game against Andres Iniesta and Vissel Kobe in Tokyo. Finally, Inter Miami travels back home for a friendly against Newell’s Old Boys. That is Messi’s former team, and the two battle just six days before the start of the season.

Inter Miami preseason games go across the globe

Lionel Messi is certainly the draw for the teams that scheduled games against Inter Miami. As seen with Inter Miami’s season in 2023, the Argentine is a major draw for crowds regardless of where he is. Messi played with Argentina in Japan and Indonesia in front of over 55,000 fans in each game. Those fans wanted to see the World Cup-winning side, However, much of the fervor extends from Messi’s appearance.

That is the hope when Inter Miami travels to these new venues. For Inter Miami, it is a chance to make money while going global with the Inter Miami brand. Fans across the globe will want to buy Inter Miami jerseys with Messi’s name on the back.

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Busy start to the season for Inter Miami

In total, Inter Miami is flying over 24,000 miles to play these seven fixtures. There is next to no time off between these games either. With the MLS season starting soon after the friendlies, there is no stopping for Inter Miami in what promises to be a busy season.

Not only is Messi playing in his first full MLS season with Inter Miami. The side also has high expectations in the Leagues Cup again. That leads to the CONCACAF Champions Cup, with Inter Miami competing for the first time.