Undoubtedly, more people across the globe tune in to watch Premier League games than any other sports league.

The high quality of the broadcast is a big reason why so many people across the world tune in to watch the Premier League. The English top division is trying out a first-person perspective of the game during the Summer Series in the United States because they don’t want to stop pushing themselves to reach new heights of achievement.

Youri Tielemans was one player wearing camera in Premier League game

Youri Tielemans, a midfielder for Aston Villa, donned body cameras during this week’s friendly encounter so that spectators could have a better look at the action. Belgium’s international midfielder has moved from Leicester City to Aston Villa this summer.

He has joined numerous players who have changed clubs this month. On July 24, he made his debut for Unai Emery’s side in a preseason game against fellow Premier League side Newcastle United.

Viewers could get more understanding of the game

Tielemans, who entered the game off the bench, wore a camera to give spectators a glimpse inside what it’s like to watch a superstar play. In the opening seconds of the footage, the player was getting ready to enter the game as a substitution. From the moment he got onto the field, the activity never let up.

Although it was pre-season friendly, the level of play in the Premier League was clearly at a Premier League level. It showed the midfielder making crucial choices in the blink of an eye while in possession of the ball.

The Premier League player camera also demonstrates his constant motion and interaction with teammates in the midfield. Additionally, the speed of the players on both sides is one aspect of the game that the camera captures well.

There’s also a new sensation to making a tackle or kicking a corner. The recording makes you feel like you are participating. Tielemans is also seen engaging in some postgame small talk with his opponents and the referee after the final whistle.

PHOTO: Premier League & YouTube