Fulham fans are going ahead with their planned protest regarding ticket prices at Craven Cottage. The Fulham Supporters’ Trust (FST) previously announced the decision to officially protest ahead of, and during, the team’s matchup with Manchester United. The two teams will face off at Craven Cottage on Saturday, November 4th.

The decision to protest was organized by the FST but has since gained full support from fellow fan groups. This includes the club’s official female fan group, the Fulham Lillies, as well as a series of websites and podcasts created by supporters.

These fan groups claim that ticket prices for the home United fixture start at about $81. However, general admittance into the match can cost supporters up to nearly $200 each. Season ticket plans to Fulham games are already reportedly up 18% compared to the previous campaign as well. FST says that Craven Cottage currently has the highest non-corporate season ticket prices in all of England. These plans start at $3,650 each.

Protest includes march and symbolic yellow card gesture

“The problem is a completely misguided ticket pricing policy that fundamentally misunderstands what it means to be a fan,” FST said in a recent statement.

“It’s a policy which, piece by piece, is alienating a large part of our core fan base to the extent that increasing numbers just can’t afford to come to a game or bring their friends and family to help create that next generation.”

Fulham protesting ticket prices is nothing new, such as this in-game protest from 2019.
Fulham protesting ticket prices is nothing new, such as this in-game protest from 2019.

Fulham protesting ticket prices is nothing new, such as this in-game protest from 2019.

Participating fans begin their protest at Bishops Park and march their way to Craven Cottage. This will take place at 11:30 a.m. (GMT), before the game’s kickoff. The park is located directly south of the club’s stadium. Along with the march, fans are also bringing yellow cards into the arena. The supporters will then show the club’s ownership the cards during the 18th minute of the match. This is to signify the 18% price hike in tickets.

United fan group has voiced solidarity with upcoming protest at Fulham

Fulham supporters urged traveling Manchester United fans to join in on the protest. The Manchester United Supporters’ Trust issued a statement of support of the decision by the rival fans. “We offer our full support to the Fulham fans making their voices heard,” claimed the United fan group.

“We also note the support Fulham fans have shown us in the past when they displayed green and gold scarves in the away section at Old Trafford in 2012 backing our protest against the Glazers’ ownership; a gesture of solidarity which was much appreciated at the time, and we are happy to reciprocate.”

The ticketing issue, however, is not solely down to just the matchup with United. Fulham fans have also had to pay higher prices to get into other Premier League matches this season as well. FST previously claimed that the cheapest seat for a game against Brentford was nearly $60. A September matchup with Luton Town also featured $43 tickets for the least expensive seats.

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