The Fulham Supporters’ Trust (FST) is planning a protest before and during an upcoming matchup with Manchester United. Fulham hosts the Red Devils on Saturday, Nov. 4. The fan group claims that their club raised ticket prices to the popular fixture by an average of 18% compared to a year ago.

Participating fans are set to walk together to Craven Cottage ahead of the aforementioned game. Along with the march, FST will also display yellow cards during the 18th minute of the match. This will signify an 18% increase in ticket prices.

Group hoping for fans to unite in the protest

The group issued a lengthy statement regarding the move on their official website. “We believe that now is the time for all sections of our Fulham family to come together again to make sure that future generations of Fulham fans can create and experience their own highs (and lows) at Craven Cottage,” read the statement.

“The problem is a completely misguided ticket pricing policy that fundamentally misunderstands what it means to be a fan. It’s a policy which, piece by piece, is alienating a large part of our core fan base to the extent that increasing numbers just can’t afford to come to a game or bring their friends and family to help create that next generation.”

Fulham ticket prices are up across the board

Ticket prices for home Fulham matches vary depending on their opponents. According to The Athletic, the most expensive adult seat in the new Riverside Stand costs $195 for the match. This is a 60% increase from the same fixture during the 2022/23 season. The cheapest seat in the Hammersmith End is $81. FST claims that the average ticket in the Hammersmith End rose 40% compared to four years ago.

The fan group’s issue is not, however, solely with ticket prices for massive matchups. FST claims that it is increasingly more expensive to go to any Fulham match. For instance, the cheapest tickets to see the Whites play Brentford earlier this season was nearly $60. The least-expensive seats for a game with Luton Town were also $43.