Feyenoord is making a major push to grow its global audience by announcing a streaming service for fans. This does not apply to just the Netherlands either, as it is a global offering. The app does not focus on live broadcasts of games, those still belong to ESPN and its streaming service, ESPN+. However, there will be ample exclusive content about the club on this new platform.

Feyenoord ONE is the over-the-top service that elevates the fan experience by expanding the club’s content distribution. The platform offers Feyenoord supporters programs like original documentaries and series. Then, there is matchday content that gives an unparalleled experience like player interviews, live press conferences and full match replays. The replays are particularly interesting. Feyenoord plays important games against other Dutch opponents in the league. In a hectic schedule of games, the Feyenoord streaming service could allow anyone to watch games involving the Dutch outfit.

“Feyenoord ONE is a valuable addition to our existing club channels such as the website, the app, the magazine, and social media channels. Feyenoord ONE provides our supporters with high-quality content in a singular place, allowing them to decide what to watch, when to watch it and ensuring them they will never miss a thing,” says Feyenoord’s CCO Ruud van der Knaap.

“Moreover, the production and distribution of video content through Feyenoord ONE enables us to further improve the quality of our documentaries, specials and video series. We are incredibly proud to be the first club in the Netherlands to offer our supporters their own streaming service, taking our content production and distribution to the next level.”

The fact that Feyenoord is the first Dutch club to offer a service like this makes it easy to stand out.

Feyenoord streaming service goes in-depth on the club

Feyenoord is linking with Endeavor Streaming, which has a history of direct-to-consumer streaming offerings. In the past, Endeavor helped create SpursPlay for Tottenham. Also, the Union of European Football Association’s UEFA.tv is a product of Endeavor. Finally, the company partnered with the English Football League and the National Women’s Soccer League with iFollow.

Pete Bellamy, the Chief Commercial Officer at Endeavor Streaming spoke about what a service like Feyenoord ONE can do.

“This platform is a significant opportunity for Feyenoord Rotterdam to deepen its relationship with its loyal fans who are seeking more personalized content and interaction with their favorite team and players beyond the traditional matchday experience. Endeavor Streaming continues to be at the forefront on supporting football clubs on their digital expansion.”

Feyenoord’s consistency in the Netherlands

Feyenoord has been a model of success in the Eredivisie in recent seasons. In the 2022/23 campaign, Feyenoord finished at the top of the table. It beat PSV Eindhoven by seven points. This year, Feyenoord is the closest to what has been a perfect season for PSV. Feyenoord has scored 50 goals, which trails only PSV. Mexican star Santi Gimenez is leading the way. The new app would have exclusive content this season.