Danish soccer giants Copenhagen have made the decision to ban fan signs asking a player for game-worn jerseys. The move comes nearly a year after Ajax also prohibited supporters from bringing similar signs into the stadium. Much like the Eredivisie side, Copenhagen has listed a similar reason for the ban.

“From this season, FC Copenhagen does not want signs to be carried with requests for a shirt from the players for the home games in the Park or in our away section,” proclaimed the club.

“The decision stems from the fact that it is not possible for the players or the club to meet the many wishes. We therefore disappoint a lot of children who come with the hope of getting a jersey. The number of signs has increased significantly over recent seasons and unfortunately we have many children who get a bad experience from carrying a sign.”

Copenhagen players criticized for keeping jerseys on

Players face accusations as arrogant or selfish for not giving away their jersey. Copenhagen echoed this feeling in their statement. “Players are put in a difficult situation because they cannot fulfill the wish and are perceived negatively because they have to say no to the many requests,” the club continued.

“We hope for understanding and understand, of course, that many want a shirt from a player, and it is still allowed for the players to choose to give a shirt to fans, but it will be without the signs.”

Wright calls for signs to be banned during Women’s World Cup

Calls to prohibit these signs in stadiums have been made throughout much of the last year. Recently, former Arsenal legend Ian Wright recently took to Twitter to ask for bans. The striker is not alone in his feelings toward the signs. Many fans and pundits across the sport feel as if these signs also get in the way. Eventually, some of these fans sell the jerseys on for money.

Slavia Prague also made a similar move prohibiting signs asking for player jerseys back in February as well.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Gonzales Photo