Burnley is reportedly considering a lawsuit against the Premier League regarding Everton‘s precarious financial situation. The Clarets, and several other clubs, have been rumored for months now to be exploring a separate claim against the Toffees. It was then revealed last week that an unnamed English top-flight team was directly planning legal action against Everton. Burnley is now believed to be that team.

Everton has narrowly avoided relegation to the Championship in each of the last two seasons. They have also done so while breaching profit and sustainability laws currently in place. The Toffees now face two charges for breaking financial rules over the last three seasons. Initially, that docked Everton 10 points. The Premier League reduced that penalty to six after an appeal.

Burnley lawsuit alleges Premier League failed to enforce rules

Mail Sport now claims that Burnley is taking legal counsel over the possibility of suing the Premier League. The Clarets believe they suffered relegation in the 2021/22 campaign during Everton’s rule-breaking antics. As a result, the Lancashire side asserts that Premier League officials failed to enforce the financial laws as they occurred.

Burnley previously exited the top flight after finishing four points behind Everton. If the aforementioned points deduction happened in that season, the Clarets would have remained, and the Toffees would have dropped.

According to the news outlet, Burnley has not yet made an official decision regarding the potential lawsuit. The club is, however, currently weighing its options on the situation. This includes legal costs in pursuing the case and also a possible reward if they were to win the suit.

Nevertheless, an English judge previously determined that other rival clubs could specifically target Everton. Along with Burnley, several other recently relegated teams have hinted at taking legal action against the Toffees in the near future. Previous reports claimed clubs like Burnley, Leeds, Leicester City, and Nottingham Forest may join forces to sue Everton for around $375 million.

Leeds and Leicester, however, could soon face profit and sustainability issues of their own in the coming months. Relegation in May 2023 had severe financial consequences for both clubs. In the current campaign, they are working to get back to the Premier League, which would bring financial benefits.

Clarets struggling to stay afloat in the English top flight

In the wake of the complaints from the relegated clubs, the Premier League has recently changed how they enforce their financial rules. Charges, as seen with Everton’s case, will speed up to avoid previous grievances between teams.

The move by the Premier League could give Burnley fuel in their case. After all, the division has essentially admitted that there were flaws in their charges of clubs during previous seasons.

Burnley may receive a solid financial package from Everton and/or the Premier League. Yet, the issues are clear on the pitch regardless. Despite dominating the Championship last season, the Clarets have been awful so far this season. The club has only won three top-flight matches during the current campaign and sits 11 points from safety.