Bolton Wanderers manager Ian Evatt picked up a red card late in the side’s 3-1 victory against Fleetwood on Tuesday for illegal use of technology. No, he did not show bad behavior or throw out any abusive language. Instead, referees kicked Evatt out of the match for telling the fourth official that he made a mistake after the manager viewed an incident on a tablet.

The situation started in the 67th minute. Bolton striker Dion Charles earned a red card. Evatt reviewed the incident involving his player with a tablet on the bench. The manager then reported the apparent error to the fourth official. However, match referee Tom Nield brandished Evatt a red card of his own.

Bolton manager Evatt suffers from new technology rules

The sending-off comes down to a new “misuse of technology” rule in the English Football League. According to the newly implemented law, coaches cannot use their electronics to help make a case during a match. The official rule states: “A team official who uses unauthorized equipment or who behaves in an inappropriate manner as a result of the use of electronic or communication equipment will be sent off.”

After the game, Bolton’s assistant coach Peter Atherton explained the situation. “The gaffer merely said he’d seen [the incident] back,” claimed Atherton. “He wasn’t making any reference, there was no misconduct in terms of abusive language or anything like that. He just said ‘I’ve seen it back and he’s got it wrong. The keeper’s tripped Dion up.’ And apparently from just referring to the fact that he’s seen it back, that’s a red card.”

Club could appeal decision before next match

Bolton now must decide on whether to appeal the manager’s sending off. Atherton stated that more information will be needed to make the final call. “I don’t know right now, the secretary of the club will look into that now,” stated the assistant coach when asked directly about an appeal.

“Until we see the report we are not really sure what the referee has seen and it will be interesting to see his view on the two incidents. The disappointing one for the gaffer is that he will miss some time on the touchline.”

Bolton, with or without Evatt, will next face Wigan at home on Saturday, August 19th. The Wanderers are currently leading League One thanks to three consecutive convincing victories in the division. They have racked up nine goals while allowing just one during league play so far this season.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Pro Sports Images