The contentious partnership between United States Men’s National Team head coach Gregg Berhalter and midfielder Gio Reyna seems to have found peace. Recent reports indicate the two have started to smooth things over after.

Their row started during the 2022 World Cup, where Reyna was unhappy with his quantity of playing time. However, it spilled into a personal and ferocious battle that involved accusations of Berhalter committing domestic assault. Since then, US Soccer rehired Gregg Berhalter for his second World Cup cycle. Gio Reyna figures to be a part of Berhalter’s squad when he returns to maximum fitness.

Jeff Carlisle of ESPN states US Soccer Sporting Director Matt Crocker confirmed the reopening of communication between the two.

“I think both Gregg and Gio are in a good place to move forward,” Crocker said per Carlisle. The ESPN reporter added that Crocker says Reyna should be in the next USMNT squad for which he is fit.

Berhalter already has games under his belt in what is his second stint as head coach of the USMNT. However, Reyna missed that camp with a foot injury. If Reyna is fully fit for the October international window, he will likely be in the squad. For reference, Berhalter said Reyna would have been in the September squad, too. The only reason for his omission was that foot injury.

Reyna and Berhalter find peace in highly public feud

The battle between Gio Reyna and Gregg Berhalter reached a head several times. However, once Berhalter returned as head coach of the squad this past summer, he shocked fans of the United States squad by revealing that he had not yet talked to two players. One of those was Ricardo Pepi, who was not on the World Cup squad. The other was Reyna, who many fans see as one of the most talented options the United States has currently.

Therefore, Berhalter did not talk to Reyna for nine months. The USMNT has one of the biggest stretches in its history coming up. Not only is it hosting the Copa America in 2024. The United States is one of the host nations for the 2026 World Cup, where it has an automatic berth into the group stage. Leaving a talent like Reyna out of those plans could severely damage the USMNT’s chances of having a fruitful couple of summers in the next several years.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Matthias Koch