Former Manchester United great David Beckham has recently opened up about acquiring Lionel Messi in his move to Inter Miami. The former England international is now a co-owner of the Major League Soccer club. Beckham essentially helped create the franchise when he triggered an option to buy an expansion team back in 2014 for $25 million. Messi’s move to Miami was first discussed at a dinner during these early stages of ownership.

Speaking exclusively with The Athletic, Beckham revealed that he told fellow Inter co-owner Jorge Mas that he wanted to sign Messi someday. “It all came from a conversation over a glass of wine at dinner,” Beckham explained. “I turn to Jorge and say, ‘One day, we need Messi to come to our club.’ It was probably when we first met.”

“I actually found on my phone the other day one of the first presentations that (advertising agency) Doubleday & Cartwright did — they mocked up one of the jerseys with the logo and Leo was wearing it. That was 10 years ago. So it was always in my mind.”

Messi to Miami is a ‘hell of an achievement’

The former star went on to say that the transfer will be one of the biggest deals in American sports history. “We’re talking about the biggest sporting market in the world,” continued Beckham. “Bringing Leo Messi to Inter Miami, to MLS, the year after he wins the World Cup, to a team that is three years old… it’s a hell of an achievement.”

Beckham was asleep when Messi announced move to Miami

Beckham also claimed that officially signing Messi this summer was one of the greatest moments of his life. The 48-year-old Champions League winner was asleep when the Argentine announced he was signing with Miami. Beckham claims that he heard the news that the Argentine was joining his club while in Japan with his family. Once awake, the former midfielder received the emotional call from Mas to discuss the massive move.

“I never thought I would have the same feeling as an owner as I had when I was a player. When I got the phone call, I had the feeling I had when I walked out at Old Trafford or Wembley,” stated Beckham. “I was like, ‘We’ve just beaten all competition to sign the greatest player to ever play our game.'”

Messi has certainly hit the ground running with his new team. After scoring a dramatic late winner against Cruz Azul as a substitute, the superstar followed up with two goals and an assist in his second game. Miami will next play a Leagues Cup fixture on Wednesday, Aug. 2.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Cover-Images