Barcelona is set to be handed a transfer boost thanks to LaLiga changing FFP rules. The Spanish top flight has tweaked its Financial Fair Play laws to allow clubs to spend more money. These alterations are effective immediately and may help clubs like Barca sign targets without fears of a financial backlash.

According to a report by ESPN, Spanish clubs over their spending limit can now spend a little more on transfer fees. Barca is one of these LaLiga clubs that has spent too much over the last year. However, the aforementioned tweaks to the rule will allow Barca to spend 50% of any amount that they save or raise on fresh deals.

Spanish clubs can also reinvest more money from player sales

There is a minor adjustment to another spending rule as well. Teams that sell players at more than 5% of their spending limit can reinvest 60% on new players. This percentage was 40%, possibly rising to 50%, during the old FFP LaLiga laws.

“The objective [of the change] is to stimulate signings at a time when the transfer window is at a standstill while ensuring clubs are still making savings overall,” a LaLiga spokesman told the aforementioned news outlet. “This transitional change for the 23-24 season will positively affect many clubs in excess of their limit as they will be able to continue to operate in the market while making savings.”

New LaLiga FFP rules benefit more than just Barcelona

LaLiga officials claim that the move was not made to specifically help Barca but to benefit all clubs. Nevertheless, the reigning league champions will benefit from the rule change. The aforementioned news source claims that the Catalan club must shed around $218 million this summer. Barca has, however, already started cutting their spending limit in recent weeks.

The departures of veterans Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba will save significant money on player wages. They dropped the production of Barca TV and lowered their basketball team’s annual wages as well. Despite the latter decision not involving the soccer team, it still affects the club’s FFP spending limit.

Barca has made former Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan its first summer signing. The German international recently agreed to a contract with the club on a free transfer. Veteran defender Iñigo Martinez, also currently out of contract, is also expected to join the club soon.