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Ranking the most-watched USMNT games on TV during 2019

Attendance for the USMNT is down for the fourth straight year. But on the bright side, viewing numbers are up for one important metric: English-language TV ratings. The numbers did increase for three major reasons. One was the fact that the US went to the Gold Cup Final (but still lost to Mexico). Second, the US played Mexico twice in the same year. And third, it was the first time the US Men’s National Team had played actual competitive games that mattered in 18 months. Ratings were up for the US in 2019 over 2018. While the ratings were up ... Read more

USMNT attendances decline for fourth year in a row; Worst since 2006

One of the biggest reasons why it was so important for US Soccer to make the correct coaching decision back in 2018 was because the morale among the USMNT fan base was so low. They needed something to look forward to and a reason to return to games. But with the hire of Gregg Berhalter, US fans got neither of those things. At best, the US Men’s National Team performance on the field in 2019 was mediocre against teams that weren’t ranked in the bottom half in the world. And against Mexico in September 2019, it was downright ugly when ... Read more

Cuba vs. USA preview: USMNT fans still have a lack of belief in this team

Friday’s game against Canada ended up being a 4-1 win for the US in front of a sparse crowd at Exploria Stadium in Orlando. While it was certainly welcoming to get back in the win column and be in good shape to advance to the next round of the Nations League (barring disaster in the Caribbean, which as we’ve seen before is no sure thing), it really doesn’t change much of anything. Despite most of the recaps and takes after the game trumpeting the US’ return to regional dominance and proclamations of everything being alright again the reality is that ... Read more

USA vs. Canada preview: Gregg Berhalter faces must-win game to save USMNT job

If there was any doubt that despair had set in and disaster had befallen the US Men’s National Team (USMNT), then last month’s loss to Canada served to remove all doubt. There was not a single positive to take from it. Gregg Berhalter inexplicably subbed out Christian Pulisic who then wanted nothing to do with his manager. Berhalter then compounded his errors (he’s very good at doing that) and failed to go greet the traveling supporters after the game. He lied to the media about why Pulisic was subbed out, saying he had the flu (Pulisic said that was not ... Read more

Canada vs. USA preview: USMNT faces first away game since 2018

There was really nothing for the US to learn about themselves against Cuba in their Nations League opener on Friday night. The only possible outcome that would have moved the needle in any direction was a loss and that didn’t happen. The US was totally dominant from start to finish but that’s to be expected against a team ranked in the triple digits in the FIFA world rankings and a country that has spent the last 50 plus years under communist rule. However, the US desperately needed something to go right after a Gold Cup final loss to Mexico and ... Read more

USA vs. Cuba preview: Winning isn’t enough; It’s time for performances we can believe in

Nobody asked for the Nations League. Jurgen Klinsmann recently gave an interview to Herculez Gomez of ESPN FC where he called the Nations League a waste of time for teams like the US, Mexico, and Costa Rica. And despite US Soccer’s best efforts to hype this game against Cuba into something resembling a big game, fans aren’t buying it: most recently reported ticket sale figures are hovering right around 9,000. In fact, the only thing the game against Cuba provides the US is an opportunity for mediocre US players like Gyasi Zardes to pad their stats against minnow opposition, and ... Read more

Where to find USA vs. Uruguay on US TV and streaming

If you’re trying to find out how you can watch USA vs. Uruguay, you’ve come to the right place. The game will be shown on FS1 (English-language) as well as Univision and TUDN (Spanish-language). In addition to the TV viewing options, you can watch the game via several different legal streaming sites on your computer, smartphone, tablet or over-the-top device such as Roku and Apple TV. Here are all of the details of where you can watch it on television and via legal streaming: Match: USA vs. Uruguay Genre: Sports Looking to watch USA vs. Uruguay online from your home ... Read more

USA vs. Uruguay preview: USMNT attempts to restore faith after heavy Mexico defeat

Since the World Cup Qualifying debacle in Trinidad back in October of 2017, a theme of “it can’t get any worse” has emerged. But every time that though creeps into the collective mindset of the rapidly shrinking USMNT fan base, it gets worse. Friday’s comically inept throttling at the hands of Mexico is a new low in a series of new lows for the US. And with a game against two-time World Cup champions Uruguay up next, there’s no reason for anybody to suspect things are going to get any better. Seeing the US come out and look bad against ... Read more